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5-key beatmania arcade releases
beatmania arcade releases
beatmania - 2nd - 3rd - completeMIX
4th - 5th - completeMIX 2
6th - 7th - THE FINAL
beatmania III arcade releases

beatmania completeMIX

Release Information

  • Release date:
    • Japan: January 19th, 1999
    • United States: 1999 (as hiphopmania completeMIX)
    • South Korea: 1999 (as beatstage completeMIX)

General Information / Changes

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  • The first of two beatmania compilation mixes released. completeMIX contains all of the songs from beatmania, 2ndMIX, and 3rdMIX, along with two new songs and two English versions of older songs.
  • First beatmania game to display both genres and song titles on music select.
  • Despite that its predecessor 3rdMIX counted combo, completeMIX does not.
  • Flashing GREATs now indicate a separate, more accurate judgment from regular GREATs.
  • The maximum money score for a song was increased to 200,000 from 100,000. GREATs are worth half the base note score, and the relationship between GOODs and GREATs is unchanged.
  • On Single mode and the 1P & 2P mode, EXPERT is renamed to INTERNET RANKING.
    • In both EXPERT and INTERNET RANKING, the score counter displays EX score instead of money score. GREATs increases the score with two for Flashing and one for regular. The same scoring scheme would carry over to beatmania IIDX as well.
    • During gameplay in INTERNET RANKING, the frame is gold instead of the standard gray.
    • When you clear a certain number of stages in a course, an INTERNET RANKING code is displayed, which could be entered on KONAMI's official website during active INTERNET RANKING periods.
    • First BEMANI game with the alternate scoring scheme called EX Score, which would become a regular competition standard in some later BEMANI games.
  • Last beatmania game with PRACTICE mode.
  • First BEMANI game worked on by CG designer Hotaru Matsuzaki, known then as MZD FIRE FLY.
  • Total songs: 44

Staff Information

Full credits: beatmania completeMIX credits

Full Song List

New Songs

Since ANOTHER charts do not have separate ratings, they will be denoted with a check mark (✓).

Genre Song Artist BPM SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Default Songs
DANCE POP Believe again (English Version) dj nagureo 130 2 2 - 2 2 -
J-TEKNO quick master (reform Version) Yohei Shimizu 145 3 3 - 3 3 -
HARD HOUSE 20,november (hard mix) DJ nagureo 130 4 5 4 5
EURO BEAT LUV TO ME (English Version) THIRD-MIX 154 - 6 - 6


No. Song No. Song
dj nagureo beatmania From NYC
1. jam jam reggae 1. life goes on
2. Do you love me? 2. OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix)
3. 20,november 3. Salamander Beat Crush mix
4. LUV TO ME 4. Attack the music
5. 20,november (hard mix) 5. Deep Clear Eyes
nouvo nude SPECIAL
1. find out 1. Believe again (English Version)
2. wild I/O 2. METALGEAR SOLID ~Main Theme
3. nine seconds 3. quick master (reform Version)
4. area code 4. Acid Bomb
5. super highway 5. LUV TO ME (English Version)

Note: "nouvo nude" course is not available in beatstage completeMIX.

Codes & Unlock Information


All codes are entered on the title screen

Complete Song List Choice Mode
  • Hold 1 and 4 and turn the 1P turntable clockwise once, then hold 2 and 5 and turn the turntable clockwise again, then hold 4, press Start, and let go of 4 and hold 2.

Song Unlocks

ANOTHER charts
  • When selecting a song, turn the turntable to select a different song, and press 2-4-2 while the song is changing. Do this again, but press 4-2-4 instead. The next song you play will play with its ANOTHER chart if it has one.

New Charts

The following songs from previous releases have received new charts in beatmania completeMIX:

Since ANOTHER charts do not have separate ratings, they will be denoted with a check mark (✓).

Genre Song Artist BPM SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
beatmania Songs
BREAK-BTS 2 gorgeous 4U prophet-31 150 2 2 - - - -
BREAK-BTS greed eater The Dust Fathers 112 - - - - 2 -
RAVE e-motion e.o.s 140-145 4 - - 4 - -
REGGAE jam jam reggae jam master '73 90 1 - - 1 - -
TECHNO OVERDOSER (romo mix) MIRAK 132 3 - - 3 - -
TECHNO OVERDOSER (ambient mix) MIRAK 132 3 - - 3 - -
HIP-HOP u gotta groove dj nagureo 94-100 - 1 - 1 1 -
beatmania 2ndMIX Songs
HARD TEKNO Acid Bomb DJ FX 140 - - - -
BALLAD (JAZZ-SOUL) Do you love me? reo-nagumo 100 2 - - 2 - -
JAPANESE HIP-HOP tokai performed by co-key DJ Mazinger 97 4 - - 4 - -
HIP-HOP STREET MIX u gotta groove (Triple Mazin Dub) DJ Mazinger 94 3 - - 3 - -

Removed Songs

The following songs from previous beatmania releases have been removed from beatmania completeMIX.

Song Title Artist Game
Absent from hiphopmania completeMIX
2 gorgeous 4U prophet-31 beatmania
greed eater The Dust Fathers beatmania
LOVE SO GROOVY (12inch version) LOVEMINTS beatmania
OVERDOSER (romo mix) MIRAK beatmania
OVERDOSER (ambient mix) MIRAK beatmania
u gotta groove DJ nagureo beatmania
SKA a go go THE BALD HEADS beatmania 2ndMIX
La Bossanova de Fabienne staccato two-F beatmania 3rdMIX
Stop Violence! Herbie Hammock & His Band beatmania 3rdMIX
Absent from beatstage completeMIX
tokai perfomed by co-key DJ Mazinger beatmania 2ndMIX
Believe again HYPER MEGA MIX dj nagureo featuring miryam beatmania 3rdMIX
Believe again Emotion of Sound featuring miryam beatmania 3rdMIX
find out nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX
LUV TO ME THIRD-MIX miryam reo yoshinori beatmania 3rdMIX

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