beatmania IIDX tricoro 狂热节拍IIDX2

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beatmania IIDX
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beatmania IIDX tricoro 狂热节拍IIDX2

Release Information

Tricoro China.png

  • Location test: September 21st, 2013
  • Release date: ???

General Information / Changes

  • Interface and engine are based on beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle, but with some songs from beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro up to the 私立BEMANI学園 event.
    • The MODE SELECT options, most English text on the result screen and all Japanese UI text were translated to Chinese. All other English text was kept in English.
    • None of the tricoro songs have overlays, due to the Lincle engine being incapable of supporting them.
    • Despite using the Lincle engine, the instructions on the cabinet describe tricoro's system (in Chinese), including "beginner options", "detailed options", and even "STEP UP mode". These instructions, as well as the game UI, also refer to EFFECT and VEFX buttons using their original names, despite that they are actually labeled "CTRL1" and "CTRL2" on the cabinet respectively.
  • All eAMUSEMENT related functions have been removed. The 10-key keyboard is also absent from the cabinet.
    • Because of this, the "custom percentage" PACEMAKER target is locked at 50%, and the Level limit in STANDARD mode is locked at 8-10-12.
    • STEP-UP mode was removed as well.
  • Unlike the previous China arcade port, the turntables for 1P and 2P are arranged like the Japanese version (left of the keys for 1P, right of the keys for 2P).
  • All songs that were changed to their Chinese versions in 狂热节拍IIDX were changed back to their respective original versions.
  • Number of songs: 775

Staff Information


Full Song List

New Songs

beatmania IIDX tricoro 狂热节拍IIDX2 has no exclusive new songs. For the tricoro songs added to this release, see the section above.

Removed Songs

The following songs from 狂热节拍IIDX have been removed:

Song Title Artist Game
jewelry girl* jun 狂热节拍IIDX

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