Amor Perdido (Lost Love)

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Amor Perdido (Lost Love)

Song Information

Amor Perdido (Lost Love)'s jacket.

Composition/Lyrics: ?
BPM: 120
Length: 4:23
First Music Game Appearance: ダイエットチャンネル
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


I've been trying for oh so long to tell her
but my legs always turn right into jello
and if love is the music of life
why can't I seem to jam with anyone?

tell me, when will she understand my pathos?
I have always had respect for her ethos
when she comes shake and bob
like a fish on the desk of a Cuban fishing boat

so sad this amor...

I feel high every time that I can see her
mouth is dry and my armpits getting wetter
maybe I should forget her
but she's like a bad dream
that keeps on coming back

always wearing a big silicone sweater
it's so snug that it could not fit her better
perhaps I could just write her a letter
'cause when she is near me I can't speak

who could believe I could be
such an incompetent desmanado
she doesn't even know my name
she won't ever notice me

I know I am not an exciting fellow
but I still want to tell her she's muy bello
I can steal, I can rob
I can do any job but my amor perdido

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Difficulty & Notecounts

エアロビクスレボリューション and ダイエットチャンネル difficulty rated from 1 to 8.

Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows - / - 483 / 0 606 / 0 688 / 0 - / - / - - / - - / - - / - - / - / -
ダイエットチャンネル - 3 5 7 - - - - -