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DanceDanceRevolution Japanese console releases
Sony PlayStation
1st - 2nd (CLUB vol.1 / CLUB vol.2) - 3rd - BEST HITS
4th - EXTRA MIX - 5th
Oha Suta - Disney's RAVE - Tokimeki
Sony PlayStation 2
MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Party Collection - FESTIVAL
STR!KE - SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X
Aerobics Revolution - Diet Channel
Sega Dreamcast
2nd - CLUB VER.
Nintendo Wii
i-αppli - S - S+ - Pocket Edition - ULTIMATE MOBILE
Disney Dancing Museum - MARIO
GB - GB2 - GB3 - GB Oha Suta - GB Disney
FamiMat - My First

DanceDanceRevolution 2ndReMIX

Release Information

General Information / Changes

  • Contains all of DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX's new songs, plus the later LINK VERSION songs.
  • Backwards compatible with DanceDanceRevolution CS (Japan), allowing one to instantly unlock the songs from that game by having data from both games.
    • You can also play all the songs from DanceDanceRevolution CS (Japan) on the 2ndReMIX interface using the DISC CHANGE feature. The player can also unlock EVENT MODE by DISC CHANGING to the aforementioned title, and also, can disc change back and forth between the 1st and 2nd Mixes. However, background effects/animations are not available and static backgrounds are shown when played via DISC CHANGE.
      • However, disc changing to either of the APPEND DISCS will not allow the player to switch back to 2ndReMIX or disc change to any other titles, as well as triggering the unlock of Event Mode.
  • STEP BATTLE songs are now playable outside of that mode. Only LET THEM MOVE is available by default, though.
  • The color-coded FLAT arrow has been fixed.
  • EDIT Mode is now available by default; you do not need to unlock it. This has been consistent in almost all CS DanceDanceRevolution titles since.
  • Total number of songs: 38

Staff Information

Full credits list: DanceDanceRevolution 2ndReMIX PS Credits

  • Director: Hirotaka Ishikawa
  • Programmer: Akinori Tamura, Yasumi Takase, Nishibori Taquashi, K. Nagaoka
  • Designer: Yoshiko Wada, Yumi Yoshida
  • Sound Designer and Composer: U1-ASAMi
  • Producer: Masaki Yoneoka
  • Grand Producer: Makoto Yano


Licensed Songs

DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX Previews

These are only playable on BONUS MODE, and only their BASIC charts are playable.

Konami originals

Returning Songs

CS Songs

These need to be unlocked.

Codes & Unlock Information

Secret Modes

For codes involving the Mode selection (on either Arcade or Arranged) screen, press Up/Select to enter the Secret Mode Select screen. Here are the following modes you can unlock:

  • Another Mode: Press down twice on the MODE SELECTION screen.
  • Paint Mode: In the Options menu, change the GAME LEVEL to 7, MAX STAGE EASY to 5, NORMAL to 3, HARD to 1, TIME LIMIT to ON, GAME OVER to 2ndReMIX, and CHARACTER to MODEL2. Then press right, left, right, left, down, down, up, up at the title screen.
    • Press SELECT at the title screen to toggle between EDIT and PAINT modes.
  • Hidden Mode: Up and down alternatively 4 times at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Left Mode: Left 8 times at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Little Mode: Left, down, right, down, left, down, right, down, and up at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Maniac Mode: Enable ANOTHER MODE and then press down twice at the game mode selection screen.
  • Mirror Mode - press select, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, and right at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Right Mode - press right 8 times at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Shuffle Mode - press up, down, left, right, down, up, right, and left at the SELECT MUSIC screen.
  • Super Mode: Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, and right at the title screen.

Song Unlocks

Unlike the previous CS DanceDanceRevolution title, there is more than one way to unlock songs in DanceDanceRevolution 2ndReMIX. You can gain while playing songs "experience", the amount you get determined by the difficult you play. Here are the amount of points you get by difficulty and level:

    • 1 - 100
    • 2 - 70
    • 3 - 50
    • 4 - 20
    • 5 - 15
    • 6 - 10
    • 7 - 7
    • 8 - 3
    • 1 - 20
    • 2 - 10
    • 3 - 5
    • 4 - 0
    • 5 - -5
    • 6 - -10
    • 7 - -20
    • 8 - -40
    • 1 - -20
    • 2 - -40
    • 3 - -60
    • 4 - -80
    • 5 - -100
    • 6 - -120
    • 7 - -170
    • 8 - -200

In the case of a 2-player game, the one whose experience value is greater will be the one counted.
In EASY mode, positive points are multiplied by 1.2; negative points are multiplied by 0.8.
In ALL MUSIC mode, positive points are multiplied by 0.9; negative points are multiplied by 0.6.
You get no experience points for playing in EVENT MODE.

Two songs are unlocked by collecting less/more than the following amount of points:

  • TRIP MACHINE ~luv mix~ - -10,000 or over 5,000.
  • LOVE THIS FEELIN' - -15,000 or over 3,000.

For those who do not wish to collect points, you can unlock the above two songs and three others the following way:

  • 20,NOVEMBER (D.D.R. VERSION) - play NORMAL mode once. You do not have to clear it to unlock it.
  • KEEP ON MOVIN' - clear HARD mode 5 times.
  • LOVE THIS FEELIN' - clear 200 songs, or clear 150 Konami original songs.
  • think ya better D - clear 50 songs, or clear 30 songs with a total difficulty level of 150 or less.
  • TRIP MACHINE ~luv mix~ - clear 100 songs, or clear all the charts of TRIP MACHINE or SP-TRIP MACHINE ~JUNGLE MIX~, or clear TRIP MACHINE or SP-TRIP MACHINE ~JUNGLE MIX~ 30 times.

Other Unlocks

  • To unlock EXTRA TRACK, you must get an SS rating on LOVE IS THE POWER, the special ending song for 2ndReMIX at the end of ARCADE.
  • To unlock NONSTOP mode, beat 50 games on NORMAL mode or 200 on HARD.
  • To unlock EVENT MODE, beat 15 games on ALL MUSIC mode or use DISC CHANGE to change to DanceDanceRevolution CS (Japan) and switch back to 2ndReMIX. The unlock method will not work if the player DISC CHANGED to either of the APPEND DISCs.
  • To unlock Random Select in ALL MUSIC and EVENT modes, play Random Select on the final stage on NORMAL/HARD 20 times.
  • To unlock STEP BATTLE in ALL MUSIC and EVENT modes, play STEP BATTLE 10 times in VERSUS mode on NORMAL/HARD. It should unlock in ALL MUSIC and EVENT afterwards.
  • To unlock all songs, highlight HARD mode in ARCADE MODE and press right 4 times.
  • To unlock ENDLESS mode, have all songs, NONSTOP mode, and EVENT modes unlocked.
  • To unlock ALL of the above unlocks, plug a controller and wait for the PlayStation message to disappear. Then, press both SELECT and START buttons simultaneously and repeatedly until you hear the INSERT COIN sound instead of seeing the warning screen. All the data in the game, including songs, NONSTOP mode and order, extra modes & information, will be unlocked.

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