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pop'n music 5 CS

Release Information

  • Release date: November 22nd, 2001
  • Retail value: 4,800 yen

General Information / Changes

  • KEY DISC, allowed play of pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC and 4 APPEND DISC.
  • The time gap between this and pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC was the longest of the series when the games were still in production (13 months with no new games).
  • pop'n music 5 CS had infamously stupid unlocks, which were made up for in pop'n music 6 CS with ridiculously easy ones.
  • Features HI-SPEED 3 and 4 first introduced in pop'n music 6.
  • Total songs: 63.

Staff Information

pop'n music 5 CS credits


CS Original Songs

Arcade Version Songs

Returning Songs

pop'n music 6 Preview Songs

All these songs must be unlocked.

Hidden Songs

Unlock Information

  • To unlock Ondo, get a high score of 240000 or more on Party Mode.
  • To unlock Techno Kayo, get a high score on 260000 or more in 5-Line Mode.
  • To unlock Ever Pop, clear an EX song in free mode.
  • To unlock Modernism, get a score of 35000 or less on your first stage. Alternatively, do not get a 4, 2, or 9 in your entire clear screen for stage 1. That includes score, max combo, greats, goods, and bads.
  • To unlock Light Fusion, play Circuit as your first stage and get a score of 90000 or greater. Alternatively, clear stage 1 with a max combo greater than 30, and when you add the ones and tens places of the max combo together, they must equal 10. For example, a max combo of 253 would not unlock Light Fusion, but a max combo of 46 would.
  • To unlock Taiyou, get more than 110 goods on your first stage. Alternatively, play with Suit as your character, and get more than 85000 points on your first stage.
  • To unlock Soul, from stages 1 and 2 combined, get more greats then bads, and more bads than goods. You must have less then 40 goods.
  • To unlock Hip Rock, select a male as your character (for example, Boy) and on your first two stages combined, get less than 10 bads.
  • To unlock Trance, play J-Tekno as your first stage with a score of 80000 or more and a max combo of 30 or more, then play US Dance Pop as your second stage and clear with a score of 85000 or more and a max combo of 50 or more. In 5-Line Mode, play US Dance Pop as your first stage and J-Tekno as your second stage instead.
  • To unlock Gundam, clear Sentai with a score of 85000 or more. Or, pick Smile as your character and in one of your first two stages, get the last two digits of your great, good, or bad column to be 79. For example, if on you second stage you had 279 greats, Gundam would be unlocked.
  • To unlock News, select Space Maco, Sugi-kun, Suit, or Smile as your character, then clear New Age as your first stage.
  • To unlock Heart, play a game with Rie Chan as you character.
  • To unlock Cuban Groove, clear Percussive as your first stage, then clear Crystal as your second stage.
  • To unlock Funk Rock, select Fat Boy as your character, and on your second stage clear Rock Opera. In 5-Line Mode, clear Rock Opera on your first stage.
  • To unlock Lesson, on your first stage, get the last two digits of your max combo to be "55", "77", or "33". Then, on your next stage, get the same digits to be "22", "88", or "33". Alternatively, in any clear screen, get the last columns of your greats, goods, and bads to be "0, 0, 0" or "5, 7, 3".
  • To unlock Positive Remix, get a max combo of exactly 32 on your first stage, then clear your second stage with a max combo of 32 or more. Or, get the last digit of your max combo to be 3.
  • To unlock Neo Aco Remix, clear Mondo Pop with a score of 90000 or more. Alternatively, clear Power Aco as your first stage with 80000 or more points, and on your second stage, clear Neo GS with more than 80000 points as well.
  • To unlock Girly Remix, clear French Pop with more than 85000 points. Alternatively, clear a song that has a girl for its character (for example, French Pop), or a preview song from AC 6 (other than Hip Rock, so for example, Modernism) as your first stage with more than 90000 points. Then, as your second stage, play another song that fits into those categories and clear it with a max combo of greater than 80. Phew.
  • To unlock Enka Remix, clear a song on hyper for your first stage with more than 90000 points, and clear another hyper song for your second stage with less than 15 bads. Or, clear your first stage with a combo of greater than 30, and your second with a combo greater than 70.
  • To unlock French Pop J in Free Mode, play Challenge Mode and obtain an point total of 19, 39, 85, 87, or 88.
  • To unlock Power Folk 3 in Free Mode, play Challenge Mode and obtain an point total of 19, 85, 89, or 90.

Time-released Unlocks

Alternatively, most songs will unlock after playing for a certain amount of time.

  • Play for over 2 hours to unlock NEWS, HEART, CUBAN GROOVE, & FUNK ROCK.
  • Play for over 2 1/2 hours to unlock EVER POP & TECHNO KAYOU
  • Play for over 3 hours to unlock GUNDAM & LIGHT FUSION
  • Play for over 3 1/2 hours to unlock ONDO & MODERNISM
  • Play for over 4 hours to unlock TAIYOU & TRANCE
  • Play for over 4 1/2 hours to unlock POSITIVE REMIX & NEO ACO REMIX
  • Play for over 5 hours to unlock SOUL & HIP ROCK
  • Play for over 5 1/2 hours to unlock GIRLY REMIX, ENKA REMIX, & LESSON

EX Charts

Earn the Challenge point total listed below in Challenge Mode to unlock the EX Chart:

  • FRENCH POP J: 19, 39, 85, 87, or 88 points
  • POWER FOLK 3: 19, 85, 89, or 90 points
  • CLASSIC 5: 19 points
  • KG: 90 points
  • CUBAN GROOVE: 78 or 89 points
  • PERCUSSIVE: 78 points
  • PARAPARA: 53, 86, 88, or 90 points
  • JODLER: 62, 86, 87, or 89 points
  • ENKA REMIX: 53 or 86 points
  • LIGHT FUSION: 53, 62, or 87 points
  • TAIYOU: 88 points


The above songs can also be unlocked through codes entered at the title screen. Played songs will not be saved. The buttons correspond to the buttons on the Pop'n Controller from left to right.

  • LESSON: 94781362
  • POSITIVE REMIX: 4466373721
  • NEO ACO REMIX: 222122222222213
  • GIRLY REMIX: 133131313122132
  • ENKA REMIX: 98968989687
  • ONDO: 28333
  • TECHNO KAYO: 1191191119
  • EVER POP: 999911112819
  • MODERNISM: 444422229999
  • LIGHT FUSION: 1977714
  • TAIYOU: 129889211199
  • SOUL: 446673286
  • HIP ROCK: 6666661
  • TRANCE: 12344329
  • GUNDAM: 3992
  • NEWS: 778866692233441
  • HEART: 2347646221288
  • CUBAN GROOVE: 43212468
  • FUNK ROCK: 3473479
  • Character Boy: 11994466
  • Character Sanae-chan (FRENCH POP J): 37373737
  • Character Shark: 39393939
  • Character Vantain: 29292929

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