Can't Help Falling In Love

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This page is for the cover of the Elvis Presley version of Can't Help Falling In Love that appears in DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2. For the cover of the HI-STANDARD version, please see Can't Help Falling in Love.

Also, not to be confused with the DanceDanceRevolution song CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE by NAOKI.

Can't Help Falling In Love

Song Information

Can't Help Falling In Love's banner.

Artist: Cut N Edge
Composition/Lyrics: Luigi Creatore, Hugo E.Pertti, George David Weiss
Original Artist: Elvis Presley
Album: Can't Help Falling in Love (1961)
BPM: 140
Length: 1:41
First Music Game Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay, would it be a sin
And I can't help falling in love with you

As the river flows gently to the sea
Darling, so we go
Somethings were meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole heart too
Cause I can't help falling in love with you

Song Connections / Remixes


Can't Help Falling In Love's unused banner.

Song Production Information

With versions released by countless artists over the years, from Elvis Presly to UB40, this song has often been seen at the top of the charts. Our version gives it a contemporary dance beat, while keeping a laid-back island groove (a la UB40).

Difficulty & Notecounts

DanceDanceRevolution difficulty rated from 1 to 10 from DDRMAX2 to SuperNOVA2.

Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 66 / 0 111 / 44 186 / 43 282 / 23 - / - / - - / - - / - - / - - / - / -
DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2 / フルフル♪パーティー 1 3 5 7 - - - - -