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We already know about a lot of the Scrapped Songs in BEMANI games. But, over the years there have also been scrapped games.

This list is here to point out various BEMANI-related titles that were cancelled. In this case, this list can include international versions of already established games that never saw the light of day, or brand-new games that never took off at all.

This page is under HEAVY construction.


beatmania 7thMIX + THE FINAL

Press releases around 2003/2004 mentioned the planned home release of the final titles of the original 5-Key series as one package on PS2 (probably alongside porting the beatmania III songs and using III THE FINAL's engine). However, despite the listing, nothing past the notice was publicly found.

beatmania USA sequel

While never officially confirmed, KONAMI indicated at the time of beatmania's launch that if the game was successful enough, a sequel might have been planned. Despite rumors about poor sales numbers, it was actually negative feedback against the game that caused KONAMI to cancel any further US games in the series.

beatmania IIDX

beatmania II

Originally, the plan for beatmania's sequel was to release two different cabinets, the "standard" cabinet, known as beatmania II, and the "deluxe" cabinet, known as beatmania IIDX. Compared to the deluxe cabinet, beatmania II featured a smaller CRT display instead of the larger rear-projection display found on early beatmania IIDX cabinets, no bass shaker, less powerful speakers and an overall smaller footprint. The difference can even be seen in its different tagline compared to beatmania IIDX – "The next generation beatmania standard version."

However, the standard cabinet was cancelled for unknown reasons before its release, leaving just beatmania IIDX. The few cabinets that were produced were later exported to Korea as beatstage II 2nd style, and are now extremely rare. One of these cabinets can be seen in the Tatsujin videos in beatmania IIDX 6th style CS -new songs collection-. References to beatmania II can still be seen in some of the older generic videos even in the latest releases of beatmania IIDX, as well as in song titles such as SP-TRIP MACHINE(for beatmania II).

beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD US arcade version

In March 2007, KONAMI tried out an English version of beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD across various Dave & Buster's locations in the U.S., in attempts to rally up enough interest in an U.S. arcade release. Nothing ever came out of it afterwards. The English assets for beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD later appeared as unused images in beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS (along with English screens for the e-AMUSEMENT Login and Mode Select screens from DJ TROOPERS). No beatmania IIDX game would receive a US version until beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE in January 2020, nearly 13 years later.

beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS US arcade version

Similarly, KONAMI also planned an English version of beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS like they did with beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD. Unlike the latter however, there was no location test, and the only evidence of a planned localization are unused images of English translations of the e-AMUSEMENT Login and Mode Select screens hidden in the game's data.

beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem US arcade version

Another attempt at bringing over a beatmania IIDX arcade game to Western audiences was made with beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem. Like with DJ TROOPERS, no location tests were held, but evidence is found through an unused screen with an English translation of the Warning screen in the game's data. No more attempts at bringing another beatmania IIDX game to America would be made until HEROIC VERSE was successfully released in January 2020.


Dancing Stage Solo

Unused graphics for an European release of DanceDanceRevolution Solo BASS MIX can be found on the DanceDanceRevolution Solo 2000 data, including warning screens on English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Untitled DanceDanceRevolution MARIO MIX sequel

According to DJ Silver, a sequel for DanceDanceRevolution MARIO MIX was planned, with remixes directly based on original tracks and sounds from several games in the franchise. Ten songs were made before the project's cancellation.

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA2 (arcade)

The European arcade version of DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 never made it to Europe, due to Sony's refusal of letting the original Japanese PlayStation 2 into European territories (the hardware SuperNOVA2 ran on, the BEMANI Python 2, was simply a retail PlayStation 2 with added I/O boards). While Europe did receive a PlayStation 2 Dancing Stage title under that name, it was nothing more than a stripped-down version of the North American PlayStation 2 SuperNOVA2 CS game, with only one new license and most of the North American licenses removed.

DanceDanceRevolution Mobius (iOS)

A port of DanceDanceRevolution Mobius for the iPod, developed by Leviathan Games. The website of artist Colton Hoerner shows a mock-up screenshot of how the game would have looked.

DanceDanceRevolution: iDance

A title for the iPod, developed by Leviathan Games. The website of artist Colton Hoerner shows a mock-up screenshot of how the game would have looked.

DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE4

According to DM Ashura on a zenius-i-vanisher post, a sequel to DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3 was planned. The project was ultimately cancelled for a Xbox 360 port of the PlayStation 3 DanceDanceRevolution title. The original songs made for UNIVERSE4 - made far before the project was cancelled - were later reused for KONAMI's Wii walking game Walk it Out!. In return, that game's original songs eventually ended up in the mobile DanceDanceRevolution game DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition.

DanceDanceRevolution New Moves

A Japanese version of DanceDanceRevolution (2010) for the PS3.

DanceDanceRevolution (2014) US version

A location test for DanceDanceRevolution (2014) was held at various Round 1 and Dave & Buster's locations in California during the summer of 2015. The game had its interface translated into English, and included eAMUSEMENT support. Although the location test was a success, the game's release was cancelled following the announcement of DanceDanceRevolution A, which was released instead.



A planned adaption of jubeat for the Western market, with a different title to emphasize its correct pronunciation. A few location tests were held in the US and Europe alongside DanceDanceRevolution X, featuring a different songlist compared to the Japanese original. Nothing ever came out of it afterwards, and the UBeat-exclusive licenses were never added to jubeat, though a few were later added to the mobile jukebeat with different charts.

jukebeat (arcade)

Similarly to UBeat, a localized version of jubeat ripples was tested under the name jukebeat in the US and Europe, also with a different songlist. Just as with UBeat, it never saw full release in either territory, although jubeat plus would later see release in those territories under the jukebeat name.

Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution BEMANI series selection

Karaoke Revolution BEMANI series selection (カラオケレボリューション BEMANIシリーズセレクション) is a cancelled Japan-only entry in the Karaoke Revolution series, focusing entirely on BEMANI songs. Most of the 70 songs planned were ones with Japanese vocals, though a few English and French songs were also planned. It was announced on November 11th, 2004 via KONAMI's Custom Factory page. Due to lack of interest, Karaoke Revolution BEMANI series selection was cancelled on February 8th, 2005.

A list of the planned songs can be found here.



KONAMI announced back in 2002 the possibility of a 4th KEYBOARDMANIA game exclusively for the PlayStation 2. Nothing came out of it afterward.



Unused graphics for American and Asian localizations of the game, titled MAMBO KING and MAMBO HEAVEN, respectively, can be found in MAMBO A GO GO's files. These include a completely translated interface.


ParaParaParadise DX

A deluxe version of ParaParaParadise that had support for three players, a widescreen display and an upgraded sound system. The song list was identical to the regular version. Only a single cabinet was made, and was used by KONAMI at trade shows to promote the game.


A cancelled BEMANI arcade game about rapping. Players would put on gloves that served as sensors to play. Gameplay revolved around hitting pads on the machine and clapping. There was also an effect slider similar to the one found on beatmania IIDX cabinets. The sound director would have been TOMOSUKE. A few location tests were held in 1999, but the game was quietly cancelled. A few pictures of the machine and fliers exist, along with an archived page announcing the location test.


Official website on eAMUSEMENT.

Read as "Otoiroha", the game was similar to SOUND VOLTEX in terms of gameplay, with four transparent buttons over the screen, like jubeat, and two sliders on the side of the cabinet that needed to be slid into certain positions, much like the knobs of SOUND VOLTEX. The game was revealed at JAEPO 2016 alongside ノスタルジア, but no news about it was heard afterwards, and KONAMI quietly cancelled the game later that year. (ノスタルジア, despite being marketed as the minor release of the two - and initially not even part of the BEMANI family - ended up being fully developed, and was released on March 1st, 2017.)

As of January 31st, 2017, on the eAMUSEMENT app, Otoiroha's character image tag and the ability to select the game series as a favorite were removed without an announcement. While the website is still up for the game, it hasn't been updated since its reveal. Its few originals have since appeared in jubeat clan and REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア.

Gameplay video

Rizminance / 彩響DJアニクラゲ

A game that was location tested twice in 2018. The gameplay was intended to be similar to SEGA's popular rhythm game, CHUNITHM, with the addition of a crossfader. Continuing a recent KONAMI trend of making new games' cabinets from the skeleton of the cabinets of cancelled games, this game was partially based off a REFLEC BEAT cabinet. Its known soundtrack consists entirely of anime song remixes by BEMANI Sound Team artists and commissioned regulars.

After the second location test, this game was never heard from again, not even being mentioned at JAEPO 2019. Several of the anime remixes intended for it have appeared in jubeat festo, ノスタルジア Op.2, and SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE.