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European DanceDanceRevolution Games

This page is a list of every European DanceDanceRevolution console game releases. Games are listed by system in order of release.


  • Dancing Stage EuroMIX CS
    • A collection of 24 songs, this is the first European Dancing Stage game released on the PlayStation. New European-exclusive licenses are combined with KONAMI originals from DanceDanceRevolution through 3rdMIX. Interface is also based on 3rdMIX. Song licenses note the record label and composers/vocalists of the songs, a first in a non-Japanese DanceDanceRevolution game. EuroMIX CS contains 8 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage Fusion CS
    • A collection of 20 songs, this is the final European Dancing Stage game on the PlayStation, and the last DDR game on the PlayStation in any region. Like with Fever CS, it also uses the Solo announcer. Fusion PS CS contains 7 new licenses.

PlayStation 2

  • Dancing Stage MegaMiX
    • A collection of 26 songs, this is the first PlayStation 2 Dancing Stage game. The game uses the DDRMAX2 interface, but axes the Groove Radar and replaces it with a bar that lists BEGINNER, STANDARD, DIFFICULT, and EXPERT levels with the foot ratings on a (then) scale of 1-10. Songs have karaoke lyrics during play, similar to DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX, and would carry over to the next several PS2 Dancing Stage titles. MegaMiX contains 7 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage Max
    • A collection of 60 songs. Uses the DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2 game engine (and also brings over almost its entire KONAMI original songlist), making it the first PlayStation 2 Dancing Stage game to feature the Groove Radar. Max contains 16 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage SuperNOVA CS
    • A collection of 69 songs, this port of the arcade version features a completely different license list. The KONAMI originals are the same exact ones from the US SuperNOVA port, except for the addition of the online-only songs as part of the game's songlist. Dancing Stage SuperNOVA CS contains 10 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage SuperNOVA2
    • A collection of 61 songs, the final PS2 Dancing Stage game was released over a year after DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2's release. Only one new song - a license track named Cara Mia - was added for the European release. Many of the licenses from the US CS release were axed, and Unbelievable remained the only license from the arcade version kept in. The KONAMI original songlist is the exact same list as the one in SuperNOVA2 US CS.

PlayStation 3

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo Wii

  • DanceDanceRevolution Winx Club
    • An European only DDR game, containing the European Wii's era smallest songlist at 27 songs. It is also the first DanceDanceRevolution game to introduce the "DanceDanceRevolution" title in European regions. The game's song list contains seven songs from the Winx Club series, five KONAMI originals from the HOTTEST PARTY series, and fifteen BEMANI crossovers.
  • DanceDanceRevolution hottest party5
    • A direct port of DanceDanceRevolution II. It is the final DanceDanceRevolution game in any region on the Nintendo Wii, and the last console DDR release in any region to date.


  • Dancing Stage Unleashed
    • A collection of 44 songs, the first Xbox Dancing Stage game is somewhat a port of DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX, with all the 4 licenses replaced with new licenses. However, 11 of the KONAMI originals from ULTRAMIX have been removed. Unlike the PlayStation/PlayStation 2 releases, the Unleashed series doesn't offer any language options and is only available in English. Overall Unleashed contains 8 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage Unleashed2
    • A collection of 71 songs, Unleashed2 features an almost completely different set of licenses from its North American counterpart, and is the first Dancing Stage title to pass the 70 song mark. Unlike Unleashed with ULTRAMIX, all the old Japanese DDR KONAMI originals, and again all the BEMANI crossovers, are kept from ULTRAMIX2 (though EyeSpy was removed). The 6 DLC song packs from ULTRAMIX2 are kept as is. Overall Unleashed2 contains 13 new licenses.
  • Dancing Stage Unleashed3
    • A collection of 73 songs, ULTRAMIX3's European counterpart contains all of the original game's KONAMI originals and BEMANI crossovers, but removes some licenses and adds a lot of new ones. The DLC song packs once again are incidental to ULTRAMIX3's. Overall Unleashed3 contains 19 new licenses.

Xbox 360