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This page is for the ギタ・ドラ・jubeat大夏祭り event. For the song by DNM盛り上げ隊 which is named after the ギタ・ドラ・jubeat大夏祭り event, please see Gita dora jubeat dainatsumatsuri no theme.


Gita・dora・jubeat dainatsumatsuri (ギタ・ドラ・jubeat大夏祭り, also known as GitaDora and jubeat Big Summer Festival) was a collaborative event between GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 and jubeat copious APPEND.

The event started on August 1st, 2012.

Unlockable Songs

Each song in the event have a festival stall (屋台) that the player have to play a set number of games of GuitarFreaksXG3, DrumManiaXG3, and jubeat copious each in order to light it up.

Once a festival stall is lit, play all songs in one stall (usually all songs by the credited artist on all 3 games) to unlock the respective song.

To unlock Riot of Color, all the unlockable songs have to be unlocked along with playing each games 10 times.

Unlock order Festival stall unlock Song title Artist jubeat song unlock requirement GF/DM song unlock requirement
1st 1 game each 歌の翼 あーたん None None
2nd 3 games each Rush!! kors k feat.吉河順央 Special One, SigSig, Shine On Me, The Wind of Gold None
3rd 3 games each 逆ナンされたのにドタキャン!! good-cool ft. すわひでお None 憧れのボディービル!!, Around 40
4th 6 games each RePrise SHOGO Lead Me Restart
5th 6 games each 800nm Another Infinity
(Ryu☆×Starving Trancer)
bass 2 bass, I'm so Happy, 532nm Right on time (Ryu☆Remix)
6th 8 games each Summer Holiday 達見 恵 featured by 佐野宏晃 None 恋は臆病, ゴーイング マイ ウェイ!, イジワルなあなた,
Hunter ~どうしても欲しいもの~, Victory!, つぼみ
7th 8 games each Plum 肥塚良彦 あいのうた, Starlight Parade Yellow Panic Time, Green Lime, ガラスの小舟, Pink Bird, タイムカプセル
8th 8 games each DOUBLE IMPACT DOUBLE IMPACT GIGA BREAK, AREA 51, Shining Star, Prophet Vibe,
polygon, Devil Fish Dumpling
KAISER PHOENIX, X-treme Grade, You've Got 2 Get Me,
AREA 51, Bangin' Breaks, 明鏡止水 - Stop The Fire Mix,
9th 10 games each Riot of Color TAG Theory of Eternity, アルストロメリア El Dorado, PRIME LIGHT, Piece of History, Chronos, Before Daybreak, 10,000,000,000, EXCELSIOR DIVE
10th None ギタ・ドラ・jubeat大夏祭りのテーマ DNM盛り上げ隊 Riot of Color Riot of Color

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ギタ・ドラ・jubeat 大夏祭り
歌の翼 - Rush!! - 逆ナンされたのにドタキャン!! - RePrise - 800nm - Summer Holiday - Plum - DOUBLE IMPACT - Riot of Color