Kaori Takada

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Kaori Takada

Artist Information

  • Name: Kaori Takada (高田香里)


Kaori Takada is a vocalist that appeared early in the pop'n music series, making her debut in pop'n music 2. In BEMANI, she is known for providing vocals to a couple of traditional/folk-like Japanese songs.


Song Artist Game Genre Vocals
お江戸花吹雪 高田香里 pop'n music 2 ENKA
お江戸花吹雪 TEYAN-day MIX 高田香里 ReMIXed by SEIYA pop'n music 5 ENKA REMIX
ポップン音頭 高田香里 pop'n music 6 ONDO
みなしごハッチ 高田香里 pop'n music 8 8
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