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nouvo nude

Artist Information

  • Members: Bajune Tobeta, Kiyoto Komatsu and Mitsue Nishihara.


nouvo nude were commisioned to produce 5 songs for the beatmania series of games. Bajune Tobeta composed the songs and played the keyboard, Kiyoto Komatsu played the guitar and Mitsue Nishihara provided vocals.

After a 13 year absence from BEMANI, nouvo nude confirmed via ElectricSheep's YouTube channel that one of their songs from Bajune Tobeta's album SPACE DRIVE would appear on beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle.

nouvo nude released a two-disc album, FLASH CUBE, on the Upsy Daisy record label on December 7th, 2011. FLASH CUBE is also the name of a record label releasing nouvo nude-produced works, including albums from other BEMANI artists such as SLAKE's THE INVISIBLE FORCE and PINK PONG's PINK POPS album.


  • nouvo nude / NOUVO NUDE


Song Artist Game Genre
super highway nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX DRUM'N BASS
wild I/O nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX HOUSE
find out nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX SOUL
nine seconds nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX DIGITAL FUNK
area code nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX DIGI ROCK
Electric Super Highway MACHO ROBOT feat. nouvo nude beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle ELECTRO


  1. nouvo nude (2011)
  2. FLASH CUBE (2011)
  3. King Of Super Highway (2012)
  4. NEW WORLD (2012)

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