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GB games

None of the Pop'n CS GB games have articles - if they should get articles, please add the following code to the template (below the last |-):

| style="font-size:100%;"| '''Nintendo Game Boy'''
| style="font-size:90%;"| [[PnM CS GB|GB]] - [[PnM CS GB Animation Melody|Animelo GB]]
 - [[PnM CS GB Disney Tune|Disney Tunes GB]]

Be sure to put the last line on the same line as the other two games so the template looks okay. --TeamRagnarok 04:59, 10 Dec 2006 (EST)


This template is to go on all articles for Pop'n Music console games. Simply add the following to the top of the article:


Don't subst the template or else a bunch of code will appear when you go to edit the article. --TeamRagnarok 00:34, 12 Dec 2006 (EST)