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PSA: About reuploading images

Regarding the bug about reuploading images: yes, it is a known bug. To fix it, just press Shift+F5 to reload the image and it should be OK. If that does not fix it, please tell me. --FinalOffset (talk) 01:49, 5 July 2017 (UTC)

Template:DDR Chart Info vs. DDR Chart

Hi there!

I've noticed some pages using a DDR Chart Info table and some pages using a DDR Chart Header + DDR Chart. Is the first one deprecated? The tables look vastly similar, and I've only realized the differences when going into the sources.

Thanks for reading. :)

--Megumin (talk) 16:36, 19 April 2017 (UTC)

  • Yes, the Chart Info table is indeed deprecated. Chart Header + Chart allows to create an infinite number of rows, it is smaller in size, and allows to make some variations of the table itself (though this is more relevant for other series, i.e. allowing IIDX songs to display Black ANOTHER charts or pop'n music to show 7-Button charts). --FinalOffset (talk) 17:40, 19 April 2017 (UTC)

About iTunes/Long version information

Is adding referral to iTunes or Long version connection is not significant to put into *Song Connections* section? If so I will stop doing this.
(refer to this edit:

Or is it just duplicated information on "Album" section itself?

But to argue on this, I'm sure some people might want to know if there is long version of their favorite song or not.

--Wappenok (talk) 15:50, 18 May 2017 (UTC)

  • The Wiki does not list long/full versions for licensed songs, that's why there's an Album field on the Song Information section for them. --FinalOffset (talk) 16:26, 18 May 2017 (UTC)
  • I see, there is an extra album field for licensed songs while in-house songs does not. --Wappenok (talk) 17:01, 18 May 2017 (UTC)

DDR Extreme locked songs

Hi FinalOffset. I added the locked song count on DDR Extreme based on the fact that MAX2 has a Challenge-only song count. What would be the best way to present this information? Many places have Extreme, but because they lack the unlock code, that leaves six songs available only in special modes (ES, OMES or Challenge) and another 10 songs that can never be played. --LABcrab (talk) 18:35, 19 May 2017 (UTC)

  • Pointing it on the Unlock Information section would be nice. I eventually have to clean the EXTREME page as it lumps every single song (including hidden) on a single table. --FinalOffset (talk) 21:18, 19 May 2017 (UTC)


I've been experimenting with a few tables design for the EXTRA RUSH section. Which one is the best ?
[1], [2], [3] / [4] or [5] or maybe you have a better idea :)

I would like to settle on one design and use it on all the pages since it's a recurrent game mechanic in the series.
--Miik (talk) 20:35, 4 July 2017 (UTC)

  • i like v4 best, just my two cents --totally not by MENDES (talk) 20:42, 4 July 2017 (UTC)
  • V3 looks the best, way more organized. --FinalOffset (talk) 22:20, 4 July 2017 (UTC)