Yoshihiko Shiroki

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Yoshihiko Shiroki

Staff Information

  • Name: Yoshihiko Shiroki/shiro
  • Position:
    • beatmania IIDX: Movie Designer, 4th-7th style
    • pop'n music: CG designer, pop'n music 7-8

Biographical Information

shiro was one of the members of the IIDX team's "VJ Army," creating videos to go along with each and every one of the songs in IIDX. shiro also produced generic videos for 6th and 7th style, as well as worked on the pop'n music series as a CG designer. shiro left KONAMI in 2002.


  • In the video and song production information for Happy Wedding, both dj TAKA and GOLI note that one of the beatmania male VJs got married at the time, but they don't mention whom. Given that shiro stopped contributing to BEMANI very shortly after the completion of beatmania IIDX 7th style (which shiro worked on as a movie designer) and pop'n music 8 (his last known game in the series he worked on), it was most likely either him or VJ YUZ (who didn't appear in 7th style at all, and only made a video for one song the following game, which might explain his absence).
  • Several of Yoshihiko's beatmania IIDX videos feature a white bird named shiroro, named after his shiro alias (shiro is Japanese for white). Its most notable appearances include SWEET LAB, Linus, and Cheer Train.
    • shiroro also appears as the character for Linus in pop'n music.

Credited Works


pop'n music CG design

pop'n music 7

pop'n music 8


beatmania IIDX 4th style

beatmania IIDX 5th style

beatmania IIDX 6th style

beatmania IIDX 7th style

GUITARFREAKS 7thMIX & drummania 6thMIX

GUITARFREAKS 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX