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RemyWiki Changelog

This page is dedicated to giving you guys an update on what I've done/possibly plan to do! I'm not very good at writing Wiki articles so don't expect prettiness, but if you wish to prettify it, I'll learn by example!


We now have a nice little Todo list!

Anyone who wants a quick job to do, pop over there, hopefully there'll be something for everyone :)


So I'm a little more settled in now at least and so far! Right now I'm quite happy with the current amount of user registration to spam ratio (no spammers yet, touch wood!), even more encouraging is the amount that the new users are contributing which is great. Very happy to see :D I'm going to keep this page as an update page for RemyWiki in general so if you ever want a changelog; check here!

Also my current goal is to promote collaboration more (right now the amount is brilliant but sometimes it helps to talk to people directly I think) so I've added a webchat/channel for RemyWiki! It's not mandate that you join it at all but it'd make things a lot easier :)

Webchat can be found here but if you wish to directly connect via a client, the network details are as follows:


Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)


#remywiki - General RemyWiki chat

#remy-log - Recent changes as they happen are put in this channel, channel is moderated. - Corin


Hi guys, Corin here. Quick current overview on a few things. I did a little bit of tinkering with the anti-spam and whatnot and I think I've come to a nice conclusion now. So for now registrations are now open to test the waters a little (the second I see spam its back to the drawing board). Along with this comes full site SSL (HTTPS) so you can enjoy a bit of security. Look forward to working with you all :) - Corin


RemyWiki has moved to a new host. Further information about registration and all that sort of fun stuff will be forthcoming. Many thanks to Corin for offering to keep it going. It's been fun, guys. -dan