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Hello, darling! (|[*'v'*]|)

Um...anyway, I'm AngelA.I.Girl (or 01angel on Zenius -I- Vanisher) and I'm a big fan of all the BEMANI games, but mostly Pop'n Music, Reflec Beat, Jubeat/Jukebeat, and Dance Dance Revolution (especially Pop'n). I'm here on this wiki to provide up-to-date and correct information about songs in Pop'n Music and other BEMANI games. My username comes from my favorite song, 0/1 ANGEL (yeah I even have it on my iTunes Don't worry, I'm not an actual A.I. or anything... ;) My favorite Pop'n Music characters are Alt and Alt 2.0, but you could probably guess that because of my username :P

I am decent in DDR and can clear songs up to level 13 on the X scale. I also have the American REFLEC BEAT + and Jukebeat apps, and I can clear songs up to level 10+ on RB and up to level 10 on Jukebeat. I've played DDR MANY, MANY TIMES, and I have never played the arcade versions of Reflec Beat and Jubeat. But, I have played Pop'n Music quite a lot of times and I just recently cleared 0/1 ANGEL on EX! I can basically clear most songs up to a level 32 (26 on the "Fantasia & before" scale).

And did I mention an arcade in my hometown has a Beatmania IIDX 22 Pendual, DDR X3 vs. 2nd Mix, and...POP'N MUSIC 20 FANTASIA?! I go there often these days, mostly for Pop'n!! :D

I used to be terrible at IIDX, but I am slowly getting better. I can clear songs up to a level 5. I got close to passing other songs, though. I'm also decent at Sound Voltex (it's easier than it looks!) and can pass songs up to a level 5.

So, that's my story. I'm the kind of gal who "likes music and game".

See you again!

P.S., I created the pages for Kimi to watashi no ongaku and Chilt.

Favorite BEMANI songs

Here's my absolute favorite tunes from all the BEMANI games!

Alt songs

Non-Alt songs

Licensed tracks that were in BEMANI games

Other facts