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= New Songs =
= New Songs =
''This song list is taken from a location test. As such, it will be frequently updated.''
''This song list is taken from a location test.''
{{jb Songlist Header|
{{jb Songlist Header|
{{jb Songlist Category|Licensed Songs}}
{{jb Songlist Category|Licensed Songs}}

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Arcade Releases
jubeat - ripples (APPEND) - knit (APPEND)
copious (APPEND) - saucer (fulfill)
prop - Qubell - clan - festo - 2020
Foreign Arcade Releases
乐动魔方 - 乐动魔方 2代 - 乐动魔方 全国对战版
Consumer Releases
jubeat plus (Android) - jukebeat
jubeat mobile - 2

This page is for the 2020 release of jubeat. For the first game released in 2008, please see jubeat. For the Chinese release, please see jubeat (China).

This page is for a game that has not been released yet. As such, expect frequent updates.


Release Information

  • Announcement date: February 5th, 2020 on jubeat's twitter page
  • Location test dates: February 7th-8th, 2020 (JAEPO 2020)
  • Release dates: TBA

General Information / Changes

  • Game comes with new cabinets, which offered many changes from the original design used since the original 2008 jubeat:
    • Game now runs at 60 FPS; earlier arcade versions only ran at 30.
    • Music videos for songs can now be displayed.
    • Panels are roughly 1.2 times bigger than the original panels.
    • New cabinets can come in one of several different colors.
  • A grade bar has been added to gameplay to show you when you pass to the next letter grade in a song.
  • First jubeat since the first to not have a unique name.

Full Song List


New Songs

This song list is taken from a location test.

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Licensed Songs
Pretender Official髭男dism 82? 1 3 8
令和 ゴールデンボンバー 142 3 7 9.1
KONAMI originals
Hades Doll BEMANI Sound Team "Power of Nature" 185 4 8 10.6
Neuron BEMANI Sound Team "Expander" 174 4 8 10.1
Spica BEMANI Sound Team "TATSUYA" 176 3 7 10.5
splash! BEMANI Sound Team "Trance Liquid" 156 4 7 10.5
封印文様 駄々子 175 4 7 8.3

Difficulty Changes


Removed Songs


External Links


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