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BEMANI logo since 1999.
Alternate logo.

BEMANI (ビーマニ) is the brand name of KONAMI's music simulation game series. The brand was originally named the Games & Music Division (G.M.D.) until it was changed in honor of its first successful game, beatmania in 1999. The name BEMANI is a Japanese syllabic abbreviation of beatmania. Following the success of beatmania, the line was expanded with other music-based games throughout the years.

A more colorful variation of the logo was created in 2004. This alternate logo is used only for some select series or games only:



Name First release Producer Sound director
beatmania IIDX 1999 DJ YOSHITAKA L.E.D.
pop'n music 1998 DJ YOSHITAKA PON
DanceDanceRevolution 1998 ナカムラマサル U1
GITADORA (formerly GuitarFreaks & DrumMania) 1998 まっする 肥塚良彦
jubeat 2008 まっする ショッチョー
BeatStream 2014 DJ YOSHITAKA Qrispy Joybox
MÚSECA 2015 Dory Dory
ノスタルジア TBD  ? wac

Inactive / Cancelled

Name Activity
pop'n stage 1999 (arcade only)
DanceDanceRevolution Solo 1999-2000
RAP FREAKS 1999 (cancelled, arcade only)
ParaParaParadise 2000-2001
Dance Maniax 2000-2001 (arcade only)
MAMBO A GO GO 2001 (arcade only)
beatmania 1997-2002
beatmania III 2000-2002 (arcade only)
Toy's March 2005 (arcade only)
DANCE 86.4 FUNKY RADIO STATION 2005 (arcade only)
マリンバ天国 September 15th, 2005 (home only)
ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom 2013→2015 (arcade only)
DanceEvolution 2012→2016
おといろは 2016 (cancelled, arcade only)



KONAMI oftenly holds several events involving one or more of its BEMANI series. For a list of them, please see BEMANI Events.

KONAMI Arcade Championship (KAC)

Created in 2011, KONAMI Arcade Championship is an annual competition hosted by KONAMI for some of its games series including the following BEMANI arcade series: beatmania IIDX, DanceDanceRevolution, GITADORA (GuitarFreaks & DrumMania), jubeat, pop'n music, REFLEC BEAT, SOUND VOLTEX (since 2012), DanceEvolution (2012-2016), BeatStream (2014-2016) and ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom (2014).

A second contest, KAC Asia, was also held in Asia using only BEMANI series in 2011. The following year, the second contest was merged with the original KAC.

Other Media


The ビーマニポケット (BEMANI Pocket) is a portable game device created by KONAMI in 1998 to 2001. In total, 26 versions of the device were created with each containing a BEMANI game from one of the following series: beatmania, DanceDanceRevolution, ParaParaParadise, pop'n music and GuitarFreaks.

beatnation Records

beatnation Records is the in-house recording label of KONAMI's BEMANI music branch founded in 2006 by dj TAKA. A sub-label, beatnation RHYZE was founded in 2014 with upcoming artists mainly from the SOUND VOLTEX series and a few other BEMANI series.

BEMANI Backstage

BEMANI Backstage was an Internet radio program hosted by あさき and Yuei from March 1st, 2012 to September 9th, 2013. Each week on Thursday, they covered the latest news with other BEMANI staff members as special guests. In 2012, a BEMANI Backstageテーマソング (Theme Song) contest was held in SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR. The winning song, V.I.P. was added to SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH on November 8th, 2012. After the 70th episode, the program was put on indefinite hiatus.


BEMANI生放送(仮) logo from 2013-2014.

BEMANI生放送(仮) (BEMANI Namahousou (kari)), abbreviated as BE生(仮), is a weekly live video broadcast that started on September 12th, 2013. The kanji in parenthesis in the title, 仮 (kari) means temporary, indicating that the program might change its name but have yet to do so two years after its debut. Each Wednesday, various BEMANI staff cover the latest BEMANI news for each of the active series. The program is also commonly used to reveal exclusive news for the first time. On December 12th, 2014, the logo used for the program was revamped.

Official Website

Throughout the years, a few websites acted as main websites for the brand. In 2007 to 2010, two websites served as the main BEMANI sources of information: BEMANI Portal which covered the games releases and BEAT REVOLUTION / BEMANI MUSIC FOUNDATION, which covered the music content. Since 2012, BEMANI Fan Site became the only website for the BEMANI brand.


Launched in 2006, BEAT REVOLUTION was the first collaboration between i-revo (Internet Revolution) and BEMANI. The website goal was to cover the musical aspect of the series. It had a separate section for BEMANI artists, the various BEMANI related albums and special interviews with the artists. The website was shut down in August of 2007 as BEMANI MUSIC FOUNDATION took it place.


The BEMANI Portal launched on April 25th, 2007 as the central hub for all the BEMANI series. The first version of the website included only news from all the active BEMANI series and links to all of those along with the KONAMIstyle store and the コナミネット(KONAMI NET) service. In 2011, the website was revamped and new sections were added: ARCADE GAME, GAME SOFT, MOBILE and MUSIC. It would eventually be closed on January 3, 2012, redirecting instead to BEMANI Fan Site.


BEMANI MUSIC FOUNDATION debuted in September of 2007 as a replacement for BEAT REVOLUTION. The website was very similair to its predecessor, acting as a repertoire for BEMANI songs and artists. It also had a radio program titled BEMANI RADIO. The website closed on June 30, 2010 and the address redirected to BEMANI Portal.


Opened on June 30th, 2011, BEMANI Fan Site is the replacement to BEMANI MUSIC FOUNDATION and since January 3rd, 2012, to BEMANI Portal. BEMANI Fan Site re-introduced an artist section along with special report about various events. It also resumed the radio program which was retitled BEMANI Backstage. The radio program was eventually replaced by a weekly live broadcast, BEMANI生放送(仮) in 2013. The website was revamped on December 12th, 2014 and added a monthly music selection, a list of BEMANI events and an introduction page to all the current BEMANI series. On the front page, a selection of daily music is also featured with songs from REFLEC BEAT, jubeat and beatmania IIDX (which started at a later date). The birthdays of pop'n music characters for the month are also included.

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