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5 September 2023

18 September 2022

16 September 2022

11 September 2022

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  • curprev 00:1500:15, 11 September 2022GlaringRadiokid talk contribs 7,088 bytes +7,088 Created page with "= DANCE aROUND × DanceDanceRevolution 2022夏のMUSIC CHOICE = The ''DANCE aROUND × DanceDanceRevolution 2022夏のMUSIC CHOICE'' event began on August 10th, 2022. == Overview == Players can obtain MUSIC CHOICE by playing credits of DANCE aROUND, DanceDanceRevolution, and DANCERUSH STARDOM to unlock crossovers for the first two series. The amount of MUSIC CHOICE obtainable per credit depends on the game mode played, as well as once per day bonuses for playi..."