Ice Ice Mickey

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Song Information

Composition/Lyrics: Michael Becker
Arrangement/Keyboards: Edison
BPM: 102
Length: 1:36
pop'n music Genre: Ice Ice Mickey
pop'n music Character: ミッキー (MICKEY) / ミニー (MINNIE) [MT]
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n music MICKEY TUNES
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


Ice Ice Mickey, yeah (now sing it, yeah)
Ice Ice Mickey, everybody (get down)
Ice Ice Mickey, sing it with us (now get back up)
Ice Ice Mickey, oh oh oh

He's a mouse with a mission, a fine musician
Fun and dancin' are the first requisition
Music in the key of peace and harmony
The world all together and that's the way it has to be

Movin' to the beat, yellow shoes on his feet
When he's on the microphone he gets you off your seat
Bringing down the house, cool as a mouse
Sing along with Mickey and you'll see what it's about

Ice Ice Mickey, oh baby (I'm bustin' out a rhyme)
Ice Ice Mickey, everybody (oh gosh, I hope I can get it fixed)
Ice Ice Mickey, sing it with us (I'm so cool, I'm happy)
Ice Ice Mickey, oh oh oh (yeah, the Disney podcast is comin' at ya)

(Hit'em up with the past, homies...homies? I mean, yeah)

Now anyone can tell ya when you're lookin' for fun
He's the mouse with the mostess he's the only one
When it comes to bein' cool, spreadin' joy across the land
Who's the only mouse to do it, who's the leader of the band?

Ice Ice Mickey, oh baby (I'm so cool, my ice cream cone never melts)
Ice Ice Mickey, everybody (I'm so cool, I got icicles making my eyes freeze)
Ice Ice Mickey, sing it with us
Ice Ice Mickey, oh oh oh

Song Connections / Remixes


  • In pop'n music MICKEY TUNES and MICKEY TUNES!, if you choose アイス・アイス・ミッキー's 9-Buttons charts, your rival character will be ミニーマウス (MINNIE MOUSE).
    • In pop'n music DISNEY TUNES, if you choose アイス・アイス・ミッキー, your player character will be ミッキーマウス (MICKEY MOUSE), while your rival character will be ミニーマウス (MINNIE MOUSE).
  • アイス・アイス・ミッキー marks Takayoshi Watanabe's last appearance in BEMANI.
  • On the pop'n music ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK MICKEY TUNES album, アイス・アイス・ミッキー's artist is credited to CHELSEA & WORNELL.

Music Comment

Rap the rhythm and DJ your way to a cool, hot beat!

Song Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music MICKEY TUNES difficulty rated from 1 to 8, in 0.5 increments.

Game Normal Magical
5-Buttons 9-Buttons 5-Buttons 9-Buttons
Notecounts / Keep-kun 217 / 7 265 / 7 79 / 7 109 / 4
pop'n music MICKEY TUNES→MICKEY TUNES! 5.5 8 - -
pop'n music DISNEY TUNES 5.5 8 1.5 2.5