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[[Category:IIDX Songs]]
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[[Category:IIDX Songs with Unique Videos]]
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Kung-Fu Empire

Song Information

Artist: 飛燕流舞
BPM: 177
Genre: Asian Jangle
VJ: Manabu Komatsu(WelzAnimationStudios Co.,ltd.)
First Appeared On: AC EMPRESS
Length: 2:12



Song Connections/Remixes

  • A long version of this song is on 猫又Master+'s album, Backdrops.


  • One of the three EMPRESS PLACE songs, this one being in Consort Yang Yuhuan's room.
  • Like the other ES videos in EMPRESS PLACE, this one contains a silhouette of the corresponding empress.
  • This song features a red skin.
  • Received a black another chart on CS EMPRESS.
  • This is the only known song to date composed by Naoyuki Sato not under his 猫叉Master alias.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information