Michiru Yamane

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Michiru Yamane

Artist Information


Michiru Yamane was one of KONAMI's most famous video game composers during her tenure at the company from 1987 to 2008. Though she only contributed a handful of songs in BEMANI, she contributed a lot outside to KONAMI's other game series, including the soundtracks of: Akumajo Dracula / Castlevania, Suikoden, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster, Otomedius, and Elebits (with Naoyuki Sato).


  • Michiru has also made contributions to SEGA's music game maimai, writing the song 火炎地獄 and ユビキリ.


  • Chel Y.


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
Forever Sunshine Chel Y. DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution- - -
Polovtsian Dances And Chorus Naoto Suzuki feat. Martha DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2 - -
カミロ・ウナ・メンデス 山根ミチル beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD SPANISH COOL
悪魔城ドラキュラメドレー~ハイブリッド・ヴァージョン~ 山根ミチル pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE CASTLEVANIA -