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Song Information

お豆の哀歌's pop'n music banner.

Artist: 黒ムル&淀川ジョルカエフ
Composition/Arrangement/Vocals: Kuromurmur, Yodogawa Djorkaeff
Lyrics: Ichidou
Guitar: Des-ROW
BPM: 290
Length: 2:09
pop'n music Genre: SET'S BEAN (セツブン)
pop'n music Character: YODO-DOZEN [12]
pop'n CG design: shio
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n music 12 いろは
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


None yet.

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A long version of お豆の哀歌 appears on the Yodogawa Djorkaeff album 淀川ジョルカエフに関する考察, which was released on the same day as pop'n music 12 いろは CS.
  • A different version of お豆の哀歌, titled お豆の哀歌 (没になりました外に出しませんヴァージョン), can be found on the BEMANI トップランカー決定戦 2006 album.


  • お豆の哀歌 is one of the songs part of pop'n music 12 いろは's pop'n hiden ninpouchou (ポップン秘伝忍法帖) event. It could be unlocked through the FUYU (冬) scroll from March 2nd to April 13th, 2005.
  • お豆の哀歌's genre, SET's BEAN, is a pun on the holiday Setsubun (see below trivia).
  • Setsubun (節分) is a Japanese holiday celebrated the day before spring starts, seen as a New Year's Eve-festival of sorts. One of the events that happens on Setsubun is throwing beans (mamemaki 豆撒き, literally "bean throwing" in Japanese) to ward away evil spirits from the previous year and to prevent disease-carrying villains for the upcoming one. The bean-throwing is usually done by the male lead of a Japanese household. One old practice was for neighbors to throw beans at other households/people wearing a mask, yelling to them, "Demons out! Luck in!" (鬼は外! 福は内!, Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!") and slam the door. Further information can be found on Wikipedia: [1]
  • According to Des-ROW, writing お豆の哀歌 was an enormous pain for him and required many retakes.
  • And according to shio, the DOZEN in YODO:DOZEN was her way of sneaking the number 12 into his name (a reference to pop'n 12).

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards. (Ratings obtained from the official Konami pop'n music pages. Notecounts obtained from Pop'n Music Fever.)

Game Standard Battle
5-Buttons Normal Hyper EX Normal Hyper
Notecounts 424 577 829 1015 433 577
pop'n music 12 いろは→20 fantasia 15 23 30 36 17 22
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 29 36 ↑43 17 22
pop'n music 12 いろは CS 15 23 30 36 17 22
pop'n music 13 カーニバル CS 15 23 30 36 17 22
HARU (春) La Pêche du Pierrot - GRADUATION ~それぞれの明日~ - エイプリルフールの唄 - Citta' del sole - うぐいす - redraw lots
NATSU (夏) Far e@st network - 白いとび羽根 - Into The Light - starmine (pop'n mixxx) - rings on the water - Ping Pong Boogie
AKI (秋) KOUYOU - Klungkung 1655 - 進め!爺ちゃん! - Trick or Treat! - もりへいこうよ - Hell? or Heaven?
FUYU (冬) こたつとみかん - - Thinking of You - お豆の哀歌 - Pop'n Xmas 2004 ~電子ノウタゴエ~ - さようならこんにちは
SHINOBI (忍) 忍びアン子は恋の呪文