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Oh, hi. I've been expecting you.

In case you can't already tell, my name is christinaaguilerafan56. As you probably guessed, that is not my real name. My real name is Jared Louis Ganbarg, which doesn't sound as good as christinaaguilerafan56. In case you can't tell by my screen name, I have a crush on Christina Aguilera.

When and if you've reached the bottom of this page, you will learn lots of useless shit about me that you'll probably forget once you click away. So, without further ado, let's get down to business.


  • Name: Jared Louis Ganbarg
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: January 5, 1998 A.D.
    • So you don't get confused with January 5, 1998 B.C.
  • Age: 17
    • God, I feel old!
  • Nationality: Proud 'Murican
  • Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm, for all you non-Americans.)
  • Weight: 312 lbs. (141.521 kg, for all you non-Americans.)
    • Yes, I know that I weigh too much for a 17-year-old. But to me, a person's weight is just a number that no one gives a fuck about.
  • Favorite color: Rainbow
  • Place of residence: Arlington Heights, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago.)
  • Hair color: Brunette
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Shoe size: 12
    • For all you non-'Muricans, that would be...
      • Size 11 for British people.
      • Size 46 for people from the rest of Europe.
      • Size 29.5 for Japanese people.
      • If you're not based in Europe, Japan, or 'Murica, I can't tell you what the equivalent is.
  • Favorite Bemani game: DDR
  • Blood type: O negative

My top 10 favorite DDR charts

Listed in order from 10 to 1. All charts are Single charts, unless otherwise stated.

  • La libertad (Expert)
    • This chart is really fun.
  • Mi Alma (Expert)
    • See above explanation.
  • Holic (Expert)
    • The chart follows the music well, plus it's fun to play.
  • Gamelan de Couple (Expert)
    • I know that most people find this chart to be wonky in some places, but I don't see what's wrong with it.
  • HERO (2nd Mix cut, Expert)
    • The gallops may not go with the music, but boy, are they fun!
  • TOE JAM (Expert)
    • Seriously, just put this song in the AC versions already!
  • AFRONOVA (Expert)
    • I have about half of this chart memorized.
  • Istanbul Not Constantinople (Expert)
    • The chart follows the music extremely well.
  • R3 (Expert)
    • The chart follows the music extremely well, plus the so-called "stomping section" is a blast to play.
  • KICK THE CAN (Expert)
    • And my favorite chart of all time goes to this 4th Mix classic. It's just so PERFECT! I don't know what else to say about it.

Honorable Mentions

My top 10 least favotite DDR charts

Once again, listed in order from 10 to 1.

  • TRIP MACHINE (Expert)
    • This song was one of the first boss songs in DDR. But it's chart is so easy, I wouldn't have even considered it a boss song back then!
  • KAKUMEI (Oni)
    • An Oni chart is suppoed to be harder than the Expert chart. But this chart is significantly easier than the Expert chart.
  • Valkyrie dimension (Oni)
    • Dafuq is with that 480 BPM speedup? And that last jump, too.
  • AFRONOVA (Difficult)
    • It's too similar to the Basic chart.
  • Arrabbiata (Double Expert)
    • As I stated with Valkyrie dimension, what the hell is with the last jump?
  • LOVE THIS FEELIN' (Expert)
    • It's too similar to the Basic AND Difficult charts.
    • This chart is absolutely NOTHING like its Single counterpart. And it doesn't even follow the music!
  • TRIP MACHINE ~luv mix~ (Difficult)
    • It's too similar to the Expert chart.
  • MONEY (Basic)
    • I know that this song is only found on the beta version of 1st Mix. But we still know what it's charts look like. And boy, do they suck! However, the Basic chart is the most notorious because it's too hard for me to consider it the Basic level. And it's a 5 when it should be a 7.
  • Trim (Expert)
    • And the worst chart of all time goes to this boss song from Supernova 2. This chart is criminally unbalanced. The song didn't even need that 340 BPM speedup!

Dishonorable Mentions

  • Return of the Toe Jam (Oni)
    • The ending to this chart is so dumb! There are arrows that go to notes that are barely audible! And this is the only chart of this song that includes these notes that are barely audible!
  • Last Message (Oni)
    • As we all know, this chart is unfinished. And the ending is all left arrows!
  • HIGHER (next morning mix) (Expert)
    • Just like Last Message Oni, this chart is only accessible via a glitch. But this chart 1-ups the ending of the aforementioned chart because all 283 notes in the chart are left arrows.
  • 1, 2 Step (Beginner)
    • This chart has the least amount of notes of any DDR chart, with 19 arrows. To be more specific, 19 right arrows. And if you have hand markers turned on, all 19 notes are hand markers.
    • Similar to Last Message Oni & HIGHER (next morning mix) Expert, this is a glitch chart. Unlike the 2 aforementioned charts, this glitch is in AC DDR X. The chart is almost identical to the existing Oni chart, but there are minor differences.
    • This chart is nothing like its Single counterpart. Also, this song has a Oni chart on Double only. If you're gonna make an Oni chart on Double, you should at least make one for Single as well. It'd feel more complete that way.
  • XANADU (Oni)
    • The only part of this chart that goes along with the music is the last 2 notes.
  • SUNKiSS DROP (Expert)
    • Too repetitive.
      • That said, the part in the middle with the jumps is really fun.
  • ska a go go (Difficult)
    • The Expert chart for this song only has one 16th trill at the end. But the Difficult chart has 2! And it's only an 8!
  • SAKURA (Oni)
    • See my opinion of KAKUMEI.

A Few Stepcharts that I created


I'm a straight man who's single and ready to mingle. My parents are divorced, and I'm an only child. It gets awfully lonely because of that.

My top 10 favorite BEMANI characters

Listed in order from 10 to 1.

  • Pastel-kun
    • He's just so adorable!
  • Tran
    • Have you not seen starmine's background video?
    • He just reminds me of a blonde Elvis.
    • See description for Pastel-kun.
    • Anyone that can make a flame out of thin air deserves to be recognized for their talent!
  • BOY
    • The quirkiest pop'n music character. His animations are awesome!
  • Meu Meu
    • For a 1-year-old, BABY-LON's got some really slick moves!
  • YUNI
    • YUNI takes the top spot solely because I find her 4th Mix outfit attractive.