Youhei Shimizu

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Youhei Shimizu

Artist Information

  • Name: Youhei Shimizu (清水洋平)


Youhei has worked with the BEMANI franchise since nearly the very beginning, starting off as the sound tool programmer on the first pop'n music and the early beatmania IIDX titles. He worked on the pop'n music series until pop'n music 6, and later he moved to work on the beatmania series of games. Youhei was also the sound director of the BEMANI games ParaParaParadise and beatmania III.

Youhei left KONAMI in 2001 and joined Polyphony Digital. His last appearance to date in BEMANI was doing new song comments for mnemoniq on the beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro homepage.


  • Youhei composed Reseed and Reseed (Another Edit) for CAPCOM's CROSS×BEATS and crossbeats REV..


  • act deft
  • youhei / Youhei


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
quick master (reform version) YOHEI SHIMIZU beatmania completeMIX J-TEKNO -
KOUYOU youhei beatmania CORE REMIX J-SOUL -
asian 573 Youhei beatmania 6thMIX -THE UK UNDERGROUND MUSIC- ASIAN FUTURE -
feeling of love youhei shimizu beatmania III HOUSE
mnemoniq youhei shimizu beatmania III JAZZ HOUSE -
Quick Master act deft pop'n music J-TEKNO -
power plant youhei pop'n music 5 J-TEKNO 2