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Song Information


Artist: Brad Holmes
Composition/Arrangement/Other Instruments & Programming: Mutsuhiko Izumi
Piano Solo: Jimmy Weckl
Lyrics/Vocals: Brad Holmes
BPM: 205
Length: 4:04
Movie: mito
First Music Game Appearance: GUITARFREAKS 9thMIX & drummania 8thMIX
Other Music Game Appearances:


Long ago I had a teenage rock band
Back in the middle of high school
We had the power, we were rockin' hard and
The ladies thought we were so cool
Times were tough, when the school bell rang
Raced down to the steel mill
working part time to buy guitars

* We used to rock'n'roll all night long
Party animals all night long
Now we sing the blues all night long
Following the rules all day long
Rock'n'roll kings of high school
Used to rock'n'roll all night long

There was a girl who was always watching
Man, I wish you could see her
Look in her eyes, I was playin' six-string
Our hearts burnin' with fever
But there's no music for me now
And she lives with some rock star
But I remember way back when

* Repeat

You get them blues
Those 9-to-5 blues
I'm talkin' about
Working hard ever year

Got a career and a credit card now
Got our eyes in the future
With all the others in suburban living
Responsibility is looming
Once were young and wild and free
Guitars on our shoulder
But all I got now is memories

* Repeat X2

Rock'n'roll all night long
Used to rock'n'roll all night long
Used to rock'n'roll all night long

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A different arrangement of USED TO ROCK'N ROLL appears on Mutsuhiko Izumi's first album, Heaven Inside.


  • USED TO ROCK'N ROLL is Brad Holmes' first KONAMI original collaboration with Mutsuhiko Izumi in BEMANI (Holmes had earlier provided vocals to a cover of SMOKE ON THE WATER in GUITARFREAKS 3rdMIX, which Izumi arranged).
    • It's also his only BONUS TRACK in the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series.
  • USED TO ROCK'N ROLL was performed live at the THE GITADO LIVE - BEMANI 10th Anniversary Event in 2007.
  • USED TO ROCK'N ROLL's lyrics are displayed in the song's video, though near the end of the song, the lyrics forget the word "is" between "Responsibility" and "looming".
  • Although USED TO ROCK'N ROLL's BPM is displayed at a constant 205 BPM in the music select screen, the charts really run at 100-260 BPM.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

GF/DM difficulty rated from 1 to 99. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game Drum Guitar Bass Open
Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts 758 1331 1940 833 888 888 - - - - - -
GF9/dm8→GF10/dm9 29 46 64 25 37 50 - - - - - -
GF/DM V→GF/DM V2 ↑31 ↑52 ↑74 ↑31 ↓35 ↓48 - - - - - -
GF/DM V3→V8 31 ↑55 ↑80 ↑31 35 ↓60 - - - - - -
GF/DM MASTERPIECE GOLD 31 55 80 31 35 60 - - - - - -