Kimi wo kowashitai~Triple Zero~

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君を壊したい〜Triple Zero〜

君を壊したい〜Triple Zero〜 is Atsushi Shindo's first album. In addition to containing nearly every song he did in pop'n music at the time of its release, it contains a few other songs from his albums, as well as three new songs.

Album Information

君を壊したい〜Triple Zero〜
Artist 新堂敦士
Release Date 06/26/2002
Catalog Number POCE-7301
Published by Konami Digital Entertainment
Track List
Title From
01. 君を壊したい pop'n music 4
02. Shake! Shake! (pop'n music 6 CS)
03. 君が好きだよ~守って守ってあげるから pop'n music 5
04. サムライ・シンドローム pop'n music 7
05. Lover Soul Shake!
06. a day with a snow 〜ある日 雪が...〜 NEW
07. Fashion pop'n music 8
08. The Z <ザズ> 君を壊したい
09. なんか変だ pop'n music 3
10. Rainbow NEW
11. Candy Pop NEW

All songs composed, written, and sung by Atsushi Shindo
Arrangement: Katsuyuki Harada (1-9, 11), Tatsuya Furukawa (10), Atsushi Shindo (11)


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