Atsushi Shindo

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Atsushi Shindo

General Information

  • Name: Atsushi Shindo (新堂敦士)
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Hobbies: Going to the cinema, DVD&CD collection, videogames, driving
  • Favorite artists: Prince, Sex Pistols, T-Rex, Beatles
  • Favorite food: Fruit, chocolate, yakiniku, fried egg
  • Dislikes: Cooked fish, shiitake
  • twitter:


Atsushi Shindo (born April 7th, 1969) was a prolific commission artist in the pop'n music series, appearing in almost every arcade entry from pop'n music 3 through pop'n music 10 (the one exception being pop'n music 6). He is well-known for the long-running POWERFOLK series of songs, and his distinctive singing voice.

In 2004 Atsushi's 5-year contact with Konami expired. At the same time, though, Atsushi was being accused of plagiarism in his lyrics, as this web page illustrates the accounts of. When this became public, Konami removed all of Atsushi's songs from the pop'n music arcade series starting with pop'n music 12 いろは; he hasn't been seen in any installment in pop'n music since. Despite the plagiarism controversy, Atsushi continued to write music with his long-time arrangement partner Katsuyuki Harada until 2006.

After 2006, Atsushi Shindo went quiet until 2015, when he started doing collaborations and new songs again, this time self-publishing his own material. He released his first album in almost a decade, Juicy!, in 2015, and recently did an EP with good-cool titled DESIREEEEEE!! under the alias A2COOL (A2 coming from his first name, Atsu. Tsu is read in Japanese as the number two). He's also appeared in CAPCOM's CROSS×BEATS series.


  • Data of Eros can be found in pop'n music 11. However, the song never made it to the final version.
  • All of Atsushi Shindo's songs were composed, written, and sung by Atsushi himself, and all of them were arranged by Katsuyuki Harada (原田勝道).
  • Atsushi Shindo recently contributed a song to crossbeats REV.SUNRISE - 愛をほおばりたいッ!~Like a Monkey!~. It's his first appearance in any music game in over 11 years.
    • Two more new songs were later added to the game - 赤いヘッドホン and Juicy! ~幸せスパイラル~.


Song Genre Game
なんか変だ POWER FOLK pop'n music 3
君を壊したい POWER FOLK 2 pop'n music 4
君が好きだよ ~守って守ってあげるから POWER FOLK 3 pop'n music 5
君が好きだよ ~守って守ってあげるから・・・Folky Version POWER ACO pop'n music 5
SLOW DOWN POWER FOLK 4 pop'n music 5 CS
Shake! -Game Ver.- POWER FOLK 7 pop'n music 6 CS
サムライ・シンドローム POWER FOLK 5 pop'n music 7
Fashion ~ver.1~ POWER FOLK 6 pop'n music 8
Dynamic! Atomic! S.C.B.G. ~ver.1~ CYBER ROCKABILLY pop'n music 9
New Sensation SLASH BEATS pop'n music 9 CS
ナーバス ブレークダウン~タイプゼロ~ DIGI FOLK pop'n music 10

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