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Last updated July 1st, 2023.

Wiki edit rules

Over the last couple of years some people who use RemyWiki have asked for a guideline of what can and cannot be done on this wiki. And that's a fair enough question. For years, RemyWiki has been pretty lenient on the rules and the admins seldom, if ever, had to do anything other than a few edit reverts and block spammers. However, since 2016, there have been an increasing amount of edits - mainly involving DanceDanceRevolution - that have resulted in having to temporarily block pages, and in one case even having to ban a user, which we had not done on the wiki for a non-spammer since 2007.

As such, here are a list of RemyWiki Dos and Do-Nots. This list may change over time as we add more BEMANI series in the future, amongst other things.


  • Do make pages for the main articles of each series covered here.
  • Do make pages for songs that currently do not have any, such as the many jubeat (2021) and REFLEC BEAT plus songs not covered on this wiki.
  • Do make pages for artists that do not have any, as long as they have contributed at least one KONAMI original song.
  • Do update pages with newly announced songs/events, as well as with notecounts or missing information in general on new songs.
  • Do update any missing information from old arcade BEMANI pages (i.e. hidden song requirements, event dates, unlock event information, codes, etc.).
  • Do add information on song removals from games.
  • Do add lyrics to songs still needing them. Official lyrics from soundtracks are encouraged.
  • Do add composition credits to songs.
  • Do add missing graphics (such as banners and jackets) to the song pages. Please use PNG images. JPG images will be removed in sight. Ensure to follow the article's capitalization or romanization as the file name.
  • Do add translations of song/artist comments in song pages. However, do not copy and paste machine translations.
  • Do replace any song/game pages with outdated templates to newer ones.
  • Do discuss content on the Talk pages.

Do Nots

  • NO EDITING WARS. Edit wars include reverting back a page down by an admin or making "counter" edits to a page unless new information is added (such as notecounts). You will be given a warning the first time you do this, and a temp ban for any future ones. Several repeated offences may result in a permanent banning.
  • Do not make micro edits every couple of minutes to a page. Going back once or twice if you're missing something is fine, but please don't overdo it.
  • Do not add lyrics to songs that entirely use vocal samples, unless they are written in an original soundtrack booklet (i.e. Brain Power). These will be eliminated immediately.
  • Do not add personal opinions to Trivia on pages. Examples include:
    • "A is widely considered the easiest 12 in IIDX".
    • "*insert SDVX song here* is widely considered a 20 and not a 19".
    • "*song title* might be related/is a sequel to *song title*". This is only valid to include if the artist or KONAMI have claimed the connection in an official way, in which case the source should be mentioned or linked as well. Any past instances of this will be deleted as time allows.
    • speculation about song artists, i.e. "this song is speculated to be kors k", unless there is strong evidence to support a claim via official information. Feel free to talk about artist speculation on the respective song's Talk page.
      • The only exceptions to this rule are songs done by in-house BEMANI artists after the implantation of BEMANI Sound Team, as outside of OSTs, KONAMI seldom if ever acknowledges who composed their songs.
  • Do not add story information on BEMANI game pages unless relevant to the plot of the game. A brief summary is fine, but several paragraphs long about a cutscene in DanceDanceRevolution is not.
  • Do not change/move a song's page name unless it got a re-naming from KONAMI themselves. Doing this without discussing on the Talk page beforehand will also result in a temp ban.
  • Sharing unnecessary/private information about a composer/artist to their pages. Examples include: their sexual orientation, private websites/social pages, any information that is only on a private twitter account, or unauthorized pictures of them.
    • Furthermore, only add the real name of an artist if it is covered by an official source. Official sources are albums, OSTs, homepages, or the artist's active social media where the name is mentioned. Please don't add names from private sources, such as private social media accounts or business cards (unless shared by the artists themselves).
  • Do not add extensive information regarding the appearance of a song in non-BEMANI rhythm game. A mention in Trivia of its appearance is allowed, but further details, such as unlocking conditions or other tidbits that link it to a BEMANI song (unless this is pointed by the artists themselves), are not.


The following is flat-out not allowed on this wiki. Period.

  • Starting a page (either main or Talk) for a song/game without adding anything to it, or adding a simple "Hello"/jokey comment such as "did Konami rick-roll us with this Rick Astley license?". Any future instances of this will be met with a warning. Repeat offenses will result in a ban. If you want to talk about yourself, keep it to your own Talk page.
  • Asking for links/downloads of songs, games, or anything piracy related.
  • Uploading any pictures of m@sumi.
  • Mentioning Akira Complex, aran, M-Project, or TORIENA's real-life names anywhere on this wiki.
  • Making a page for HachiojiP.
  • Making pages for any non-BEMANI game title. We only cover BEMANI games on this wiki.
  • Posting song/video information only in Japanese to pages.
  • Adding datamined content to a currently active arcade BEMANI game. Examples include: songs (and notecharts) not formally announced, chart data for 12s on the launch of a new beatmania IIDX game, or leaked songlists for upcoming BEMANI titles. This even includes song data accidentally leaked on the official sites by KONAMI themselves. You will be temp banned for a minimum a week for this, even on the first offense. A repeat may result in termination.
  • Trying to circumvent a ban by registering under a different IP will result in immediate banning once again. This is no longer up for debate. Period.
    • Registering again after a permanent ban via our sister site SilentBlue will also result in a ban, since both sites share the same accounts.
    • For the record, a banning on RemyWiki also carries over to the RemyWiki Discord as well.