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Arcade Releases
jubeat - ripples (APPEND) - knit (APPEND)
copious (APPEND) - saucer (fulfill)
prop - Qubell - clan - festo
Foreign Arcade Releases
乐动魔方 - 乐动魔方 2代 - 乐动魔方 全国对战版
Consumer Releases
jubeat mobile - 2
jubeat plus (Android) - jukebeat - jubeat (2021)
This page is for a game that has not been released yet. As such, expect frequent updates.

This page is for the mobile game. For other uses, please see jubeat (disambiguation).


New jubeat logo.png

Release Information

  • Release date: TBA

General Information

  • Sequel to jubeat plus and its Android counterpart.
  • Game is based on the cancelled jubeat (2020) arcade release.
  • Two game modes will be available, normal mode and plus mode.
    • In normal mode, songs must be unlocked with coins that can be obtained by playing the game, in addition to a stamina meter that limits the amount of songs that can be played.
      • Songs that are not unlocked can be temporarily unlocked by watching an advertisement.
    • plus mode is similar to jubeat plus, songs must be purchased, but there is no limit as to how often they can be played.
      • music packs purchased for jubeat plus can be transferred to plus mode, assuming they have not been removed from the game.

Song List

This list is based on the songs shown in the official website. As such, it will be updated once more information is known.

New Songs

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Licensed Songs
Pretender (Official髭男dism) 92 ? ? ?
紅蓮華 (LiSA) 135 2 5 8
白日 (King Gnu) 93 ? ? ?
カルマ (BUMP OF CHICKEN) 195 ? ? ?
キセキ (GreeeeN) 94 2 5 6
海の声 (BEGIN) 80 ? ? ?

Removed Songs

Due to the size of this section, it has been split off into its own page.

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