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Josh McInnes

Artist Information


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  • Josh McInnes is well-known for his remixes, which include both well-known artists and Japanese artists a la Kosuke Saito.
  • Josh McInnes sometimes dabbles in the footwork/juke genre under his pengaton alias.




Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
夕焼け ~Fading Day~ JAKAZiD beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem AURAL ADRENALINE
ラクエン Feat.Chiharu Chonan -JAKA respect for K.S.K. Remix Remixed by JAKAZiD beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem TECHY FREEFORM -
Pierce The Sky JAKAZiD feat. K.N. DanceDanceRevolution X2 -
Good Looking JAKAZiD DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS -
Chromatic Burst JAKAZiD DanceDanceRevolution A3 / DanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX -
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