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ポラリスコード (Polaris Chord) is the newest BEMANI game from KONAMI. The game is themed about the player being an intern at a TV station called SHIBA TV, who works with the GABLYRIC's crew to recruit characters called "Contenters" to create video content.

The controller in the cabinet consists of a keyboard with 12 physical keys, and two faders behind the keyboard. There are two monitors: a touch panel monitor, and another monitor which is used to display music videos during gameplay, and reactions of the Contenters during the results. The cabinet also includes a headphone jack terminal on its left side.

Its working title was Xross Infection. ポラリスコード's machine serial number and version ID start with XIF.

It is the only current KONAMI arcade music game without the BEMANI branding on the marquee of the cabinet and the startup screen.


Game Modes

There are three separate game modes:

  • BEGINNER (ビギナーモード): only two songs, and can only play up to HARD difficulty. Can fail out.
  • BASIC (ベーシックモード): play three songs without rating restrictions. Requires PASELI. Cannot fail out early.
  • TIMER (タイマーモード): play with a set amount of time. Options are four, six, eight, and 12 minutes. Cannot fail out early.

In the location tests, there were only 7 minutes per credit, and the game ended when the time ran out. TIMER mode also has a Pause button at the bottom right of the screen, which allows the player to retry or return to the song selection screen.


Players have to form a unit using the Contenters that can be obtained through gacha, each one with different abilites that affect scores and the life gauge. During gameplay, press the keys while the scrolling notes, from the back to the front, reach the judgement line, located on the lower screen. However, players do not have to hit the specific key on the keyboard to match the note on the screen. Instead, hitting the key(s) surrounding the scrolling note is sufficient.

There are different types of notes:

  • Tap: A regular, orange note.
  • Tap/Flick: An orange note with a yellow "+>>>" or "<<<+" inside it. Slide your hand in the direction specified by the note.
  • Tap/Hold: A long orange note. After pressing the note at the right time, hold it until the end point. There is no judgment at the end point.
  • Tap/Slide: A Hold note that must be slided across several keys.
  • Tap/Release: Like Hold notes, but with a yellow "Λ" at the end of it. Release your hand at the end point. Unlike regular Hold notes, there is a judgment at the end point.
  • Honeycomb: Purple, connected notes that must be pressed by sliding them while holding down the buttons.
  • Fader: Move one of the faders in the direction of the arrow shown in the screen (as ">>>>" or "<<<<"). Upon releasing the fader, it automatically returns to the center position.
  • Fader/Hold: Long Fader notes which must be hold in the direction of the arrow shown in the screen.
  • Fader/Scratch: Fader notes with a "<<<◇>>>" design. Continuously slide left and right the fader of the corresponding color to the end point.

ポラリスコード uses a life gauge system. If the life gauge depletes, the game will continue, although the gauge cannot be risen.

Upon selecting a song, the player can select from one of five difficulties: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, INFLUENCE, and POLAR. Levels are rated from 1 (easiest) to 12 (hardest). INFLUENCE charts can be purchased using the in-game currency MIRA. How much MIRA is required to purchase depends on the Level of the INFLUENCE chart:

9 5000
10 15000
11 50000
12 200000




Players are graded from the maximum rating of SS to the lowest rating of D, based on the score (named LIKES) as follows:

Grade Range
SS ?
S ?
A ?
B ?
C ?
D ?

Song Information

Song information is compiled under Category:Polaris Chord Songs.

Artist Information

All artists that have written original songs for ポラリスコード can be found under Category:Polaris Chord Artists.

ポラリスコード Resources

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