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ポラリスコード (Polaris Chord) is an upcoming BEMANI game. The game is themed about the player being an intern at a TV station called SHIBA TV, who works with the crew to recruit characters called "Contenters" to create video content.

The controller in the cabinet consists of 12 physical keys and two faders behind the keyboard.


Game Modes


As of the location test phase, there are only 7 minutes per credit. The game ends when the time runs out.


Players have to form a unit using the Contenters that can be obtained through gacha, each one with different abilites that affect scores and the life gauge. During gameplay, press the keys while the scrolling notes, from the back to the front, reach the judgement line, located on the lower screen. However, players do not have to hit the specific key on the keyboard to match the note on the screen. Instead, hitting the key(s) surrounding the scrolling note is sufficient.

There are different types of notes:

  • Tap: A regular note.
  • Honeycomb: A slide note across several keys
  • Fader: Move one of the faders in the direction of the arrow shown in the screen.

ポラリスコード uses a life gauge system. If the life gauge depletes, the game will continue, although the gauge cannot be risen.

Upon selecting a song, the player can select from one of five difficulties: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, INFLUENCE, and POLAR. Levels are rated from 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest).




Players are graded from the maximum rating of S to the lowest rating of D, based on the score as follows:

Grade Range
S ?
A ?
B ?
C ?
D ?

Song Information

Song information is compiled under Category:Polaris Chord Songs.

Artist Information

All artists that have written original songs for ポラリスコード can be found under Category:Polaris Chord Artists.

ポラリスコード Resources

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