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An upright PASELI charge station.

PASELI (Pay Smart Enjoy Life) is a new electronic money system for KONAMI arcade games. A PASELI account holds points, where one point is equivalent to one yen, and can be used for paying for credits or can be used for micropayments on games supporting PASELI. Certain arcades sell 1000P PASELI prepaid cards which can be used to add points to your balance without requiring a credit card or BitCash.

As of March 27, 2012, certain arcades have PASELI charge machines where you can load 1000P to your PASELI balance by merely waving your e-AMUSEMENT PASS and inserting a 1000 yen bill.

As of April 2014, KONAMI has raised the standard price of a credit for Japan-region machines from 100P to 120P. Coin mode is still available to play on these machines; however, in most games you will be locked out of a number of features in exchange for playing at a cheaper price.

BEMANI titles supporting PASELI

How to Use


  • A PASELI prepaid card, supported credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB), or BitCash electronic money to add to your balance, or physical access to a PASELI charge machine


  1. If you do not have one, register for a KONAMI ID.
  2. Log into the e-AMUSEMENT PASS members' website with your KONAMI ID. You will have to enter both your card number (カードナンバー) and your PIN (暗証番号) to link your e-AMUSEMENT PASS to your KONAMI ID. Be sure to check the checkbox in the PASELI利用設定 (PASELI Usage Settings) section to enable PASELI.


  1. Enable PASELI on your e-AMUSEMENT PASS' PASELI settings page. Click the green 利用を開始する button to enable PASELI.

Adding to your PASELI Balance from the Web

Note: Adding to your PASELI balance via the Web requires a Japanese KONAMI ID, as the charge process takes you to My KONAMI, which is localized and doesn't display PASELI-related options when your region is anything other than Japan. This does not prevent you from using PASELI charge machines, which are more convenient, but are still a bit hard to come across.

You can add to your PASELI balance by pressing the PASELIをチャージする button on your PASELI settings page. You are limited in the amount of points you can add to your balance at a time (500P, 1000P, 2000P, 3000P, or 5000P).

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