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General Information

DANCE 86.4 FUNKY RADIO STATION is part of the BEMANI line of arcade music video games. Like the DanceDanceRevolution series, it's a dance simulation game, although it's aimed at younger players. The title is read as "DANCE Yaroyo", which means "Let's DANCE".

DANCE 86.4 has only three foot panels, which are lined up horizontally, and it supports up to two players.



The goal of the game is to gain points by stepping correctly on the matching footprints of the dance platform to the footprints seen on screen when they reach the footprint silhouettes at the bottom of the screen.

While the game is not keysounded, notes make a sound when stepped on. Another type of notes are Bombs, which must be avoided by the player. When stepped on, these notes make a small explosion, obstructing the view of the note lane and decreasing the player gauge

Each song has three difficulties: Kids (キッズ), Norinori (ノリノリ), and Fever (フィーバー). An additional difficulty is Love Love (ラブラブ), which can only be played with two players, and it works similarly to COUPLE mode of early DanceDanceRevolution titles, with each player having a slightly different chart.

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