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Yuki Nakashima

Yuki Nakashima

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Yuki Nakashima is a Japanese voice actress, model, and actress. She was a member of the voice actor unit Earth Star Dream until December 2017, when she left to pursue a solo acting career. She was previously affiliated with EARTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT until that company announced it was moving out of the TV talent industry, and she is most recently associated with Beffect. Outside of BEMANI, Yuki is best known for her roles as Yuuki Otokura in THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS and Lisa Imai in BanG Dream!, replacing Yurika Endo in May 2018 for the latter.

Since mid-2017, Yuki is one of the hosts of BEMANI Namahousou (kari) (BEMANI生放送(仮)), alongside MAD CHILD and Ranze Fukushima.



Song Artist Game Genre Vocals
Catch Our Fire! (STARDOM Remix) kors k DANCERUSH STARDOM -
ランカーキラーガール (STARDOM Remix) 中島由貴 × いちか DANCERUSH STARDOM -
Bonjour, The World!! 中島由貴 feat. dj TAKA with S-C-U meets Akhuta jubeat Qubell -
レゾンデートル、前線より 中島由貴 jubeat clan -
廻る季節のゆく先に 中島由貴 jubeat festo -
Be a Hero! 中島由貴 (The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship) DIGITAL THRASH PUNK
Catch Our Fire! 中島由貴 (The 8th KONAMI Arcade Championship) MARVELOUS CHEER
ランカーキラーガール 中島由貴 × いちか (The 9th KONAMI Arcade Championship) KILLER PUNK



  • Chapter I (2020)
  • サファイア (2023)


  • Day of Bright Sunshine (2022)
  • Route BLUE (2022)

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