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This page is for a game that has not been released yet, as such, expect frequent updates.
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copious (APPEND) - saucer (fulfill)
prop - Qubell - clan - festo
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乐动魔方 - 乐动魔方 2代 - 乐动魔方 全国对战版
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jubeat festo

Jubeat festo.jpg

Release Information

  • Location test dates: July 20th to 22nd, 2018
  • Release date: TBA

General Information / Changes

  • Announced on July 12th, 2018, in celebration of jubeat's 10th anniversary [1].
  • Difficulty ratings for charts rated level 9 and above now feature decimal points [2]. As of the location test, the highest rating is 10.8.
  • The jubility value for each song is now displayed on the song select screen. Songs can also be sorted by jubility value [3].
    • The color of the player name changes according to the total jubility value, much like GITADORA's Skill points
  • HARD MODE option has been moved from the EXPERT OPTION menu to the regular OPTION menu. HARD MODE scores are saved separately from normal scores [4].
  • Themes: Festival, tropics, botanicals

New Songs

This list is based on a location test, and might change on the final release.

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Licensed Songs
ICHIDAIJI ポルカドットスティングレイ 142 3 6 8
POP TEAM EPIC 上坂すみれ 142 2 6 10.0
ギラメタスでんぱスターズ でんぱ組.inc  ??? 3 6 8
高嶺の花子さん back number 87-138 2 5 8
打上花火 DAOKO×米津玄師 96 1 4 6
KONAMI originals
Phantasmagoria Maozon 150 3 6 8
Sahara Hommarju 95-155 4 7 10.3
インドがパッカーン!!煩悩マハラジャドリーム ARM × かたほとり ft. 柊木りお 173 3 7 10.2
ロミとロボの宇宙旅行 onoken 172 4 7 9.6

Difficulty Changes

jubeat festo introduces decimal points for all charts rated Level 9 or 10. For a complete listing of all returning songs with their new ratings, please see this page.

Removed Songs

The following song was removed from jubeat festo.

This is based on a location test, and might change on the final release.

Song Title Artist Game
Bonjour, The World!! 中島由貴 feat. dj TAKA with S-C-U meets Akhuta jubeat Qubell

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