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jubeat copious

AC jb copious logo.png

Release Information

  • Location test dates:
    • February 19th to 20th, 2011
    • March 4th to 6th, 2011
  • Release date: September 15th, 2011
  • Soundtrack release date: September 28th, 2011

General Information / Changes

  • Unlock system is called copious travel. Players use Achievement Points to "travel" to the respective song unlocks. There are also random UFO encounters along the way that unlock new markers, title parts and old hidden songs.
  • This is the first jubeat game whose system music is not composed by Mutsuhiko Izumi. Instead, it is by S-C-U.
  • With the release of jubeat copious, jubeat became the first brand-new arcade BEMANI series since drummania 4thMIX back in 2001 to make it to a fouth arcade installment.
  • eAMUSEMENT support for jubeat copious ended on October 31st, 2012.
  • New songs: 59
  • Total songs: 212

Staff Information

jubeat copious ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Booklet Credits

Full Song List

Default Songs

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Licensed Songs
GOOD LUCKY!!!!! グッキー 138 2 5 8
Love at First Sight Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas 160 3 7 9
maximum the hormone マキシマム ザ ホルモン 143-197 4 7 9
MirrorDance androp 135 2 6 8
On and On 中塚武 130 3 7 8
Parachute トクマルシューゴ 120 4 5 8
PASSPORT MEG 137 3 5 7
PRIME TIME capsule 128 3 7 9
Real Clothes<Album Mix> Jazztronik 118 3 5 8
Rocknrolla! [Champagne] 159 3 7 8
SWEET CUBE plazma 140 2 5 9
Universe Universe avengers in sci-fi 180 4 7 9
僕らの永遠 ~何度生まれ変わっても、
WEAVER 128 2 5 7
防衛本脳 Daisy×Daisy 170 3 6 9
キャッチーを科学する アルカラ 148 3 6 8
がんばれよ TEE 146 3 7 8
グローランプ banbi 230 3 6 8
ヘビーローテーション AKB48 155-175 2 5 8
アイデンティティ サカナクション 140 3 6 8
きみはキョンシー RAM RIDER REMIX シトラスラベンダー 130 2 6 8
マスターピース mihimaru GT 152 3 7 9
ET-KING 110 3 8 9
女々しくて ゴールデンボンバー 143 4 7 8
猫がニャ~て、犬がワンっ! neco眠る with 二階堂和美 212 3 6 7
オムライス オーロラ三人娘 177 2 5 8
Added on December 26th, 2011
15 Doors moumoon 163 3 6 8
Calling 紗羅マリー 155 4 7 8
come again m-flo 130 4 7 8
ESCAPE Moon Child 165 4 5 8
Love Train Marin&Riena 121 3 7 8
恋のダイヤル6700 Dream5 170 3 6 7
Licensed Covers
Baroque Hoedown (Perrey&Kingsley) 120 3 8 9
CARTOON HEROES (Aqua) 128 2 6 7
Diver (NICO Touches the Walls) 149 3 6 8
Let's ダバダバ (POLYSICS) 149 4 7 9
SUPER∞STREAM (篠ノ之箒(cv.日笠陽子)、セシリア・オルコット(cv.ゆかな)、
180 3 7 8
コネクト (ClariS) 175 4 6 8
ダンデライオン (BUMP OF CHICKEN) 128-152 2 6 8
フレンズ (レベッカ) 157 2 5 7
シャカビーチ~Laka Laka La~ (UVERworld) 200 2 7 8
タッチ (岩崎良美) 161 1 6 7
KONAMI original
Lincle LINK 2 (only available using e-AMUSEMENT PASS)
陽炎 星野奏子 140 4 6 8

Hidden Songs

Other than fulfilling the below conditions, players can unlock these songs by playing that specific song with people that have the song unlocked. This does not apply to アルストロメリア.

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Hidden Songs
Get an EXCELLENT on a Lv. 10 song.
[E] dj MAX STEROID 152 6 8 10
FULL COMBO a Lv. 10 song with 3 other people at the same time.
量子の海のリントヴルム 黒猫ダンジョン 280 5 7 10
Get an EXCELLENT on a Lv. 10 song with three other people at the same time.
Red Goose Mutsuhiko Izumi 200 6 8 10
Collect 1000 title parts.
アルストロメリア TAG 144 5 7 9

Unlock Events

copious travel

copious travel is jubeat copious's unlock event. At the end of the a round of play, a spacecraft will advance based on the total number of ACHIVEMENT POINTS (AE) collected in your playthrough. AE is based on the sum of TUNE POINTs for each song on TOTAL RESULT and POINTs earned from various titles. Please see on BEMANI WIKI 2nd these pages for more information.

To unlock things in copious travel, you must fuel up your fuel tank to travel light years. Each light year requires 3260 AE to proceed. In addition, each STAGE features three different pathways: left, middle, and right. Each one contains either individual charts for a song, or various backgrounds/markers. After STAGE 1 you can choose different pathways per STAGE, but you must unlock all songs in a STAGE's EXTREME charts before you can continue to the next STAGE.

In STAGEs 2-5, backgrounds/title and music each are part of a single set.

STAGE 1: one fuel tank

  • Left, Middle, Right (song): トルコ行進曲 ADVANCED/BASIC/EXTREME

STAGE 2: four fuel tanks each

  • Left, Middle, Right (background): dark (ダーク), lemon (レモン), green (グリーン)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): 流砂の嵐 BASIC, FRIENDSHIP BASIC, polygon BASIC
  • Left, Middle, Right (marker): natural block (ナチュラルブロック), dwarf owl (こびふくろう), circus (サーカス)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): 流砂の嵐 ADVANCED, FRIENDSHIP ADVANCED, polygon ADVANCED
  • Left, Middle, Right (title): Just lively (ただのにぎやかし), Alafor Kunoichi (アラフォーくのいち), He is our hope (彼は俺たちの希望だ)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): 流砂の嵐 EXTREME, FRIENDSHIP EXTREME, polygon EXTREME

STAGE 3: eight fuel tanks each

  • Left, Middle, Right (title): I want friends (友達が欲しい), You can join the group (グループに入ってくれてもいいのよ), Cool late (カッコイイ遅刻)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): Starlight Parade BASIC, electro peaceful BASIC, 瞬 BASIC
  • Left, Middle, Right (title): Like a broken bamboo (破竹が如く), Ambassador to change jobs (転職大使), I can't say I have nose hair (鼻毛出てるって言えない)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): Starlight Parade ADVANCED, electro peaceful ADVANCED, 瞬 ADVANCED
  • Left, Middle, Right (title): This week's popular (今週の人気者), Today's dream was terrible (今日の夢はひどかった), Confessed to students (生徒に告白される)
  • Left, Middle, Right (music): Starlight Parade EXTREME, electro peaceful EXTREME, 瞬 EXTREME

STAGE 4: 12 fuel tanks each

  • Left, Right (title): The expiration date has passed (賞味期限が過ぎてる), How about tea (お茶でも如何ですか)
  • Middle (music): THIS NIGHT (jubeat EDITION) BASIC, Devil Fish Dumpling BASIC
  • Left, Right (title): Plenty of sun oil (たっぷりサンオイル), It's about homesick (そろそろホームシック)
  • Middle (music): THIS NIGHT (jubeat EDITION) ADVANCED, Devil Fish Dumpling ADVANCED
  • Left, Right (title): Shower time coming soon (もうすぐシャワータイム), After this girls' association (もうすぐシャワータイム)
  • Middle (music): THIS NIGHT (jubeat EDITION) EXTREME, Devil Fish Dumpling EXTREME

STAGE 5: 16 fuel tanks each

  • Middle (title): It's been a long way... (いままで長い道のりだった…)
  • Middle (music): HEAVENLY MOON BASIC
  • Middle (title): The final destination's soon! (もうすぐ最後の目的地!)
  • Middle (music): HEAVENLY MOON ADVANCED
  • Middle (title): Once this is done... (これが終われば…)
  • Middle (music): HEAVENLY MOON EXTREME

eternal travel: Song: アルストロメリア

During gameplay you will also sometimes encounter a UFO. When it appears, it may give you an old song, background, or marker if you didn't collect them in previous games. Once you collect all of them, it will no longer appear.

Only songs new to jubeat copious are listed below.

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
copious travel
トルコ行進曲 T.M.Orchestra 150-199 4 7 10
流砂の嵐 劇団レコード 140-146 4 7 9
polygon Sota Fujimori 174 4 6 9
Starlight Parade 肥塚良彦 131 4 6 8
electro peaceful Mr.T 160 5 7 9
小野秀幸 178 5 7 9
TЁЯRA 160 2 5 9
Devil Fish Dumpling 96 166 5 7 10
HEAVENLY MOON Tatsh 185 5 8 10

Lincle LINK 3

Please see the Lincle LINK page for more information.

Song Artist BPM Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Lincle LINK 3
WONDER WALKER L.E.D. 165 6 9 10
yellow head joe S-C-U 187 7 10 10

Difficulty Changes


Removed Songs

The following songs from previous jubeat releases have been removed from jubeat copious:

Song Title Artist Game
A Perfect Sky (BONNIE PINK) jubeat
endscape (UVERworld) jubeat
FREE FREE 鈴木亜美 joins 中田ヤスタカ(capsule) jubeat
Good bye little girl Mi jubeat
My Love 川嶋あい jubeat
PEACH (大塚愛) jubeat
PLAY THE GAME ロードオブメジャー jubeat
POP STAR (平井堅) jubeat
Real voice (絢香) jubeat
Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) Scatman John jubeat
SPEED KING (Rip Slyme) jubeat
Y.M.C.A. Village People jubeat
YELL ~エール~ (コブクロ) jubeat
冒険者たち Do As Infinity jubeat
キューティーハニー (倖田來未) jubeat
ふがいないや (YUKI) jubeat
一色 (NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA) jubeat
風になりたい THE BOOM jubeat
粉雪 (レミオロメン) jubeat
こんなに近くで... (Crystal Kay) jubeat
負けないで (ZARD) jubeat
太陽の地図 (MISIA) jubeat
Clover Yum!Yum!ORANGE jubeat ripples
Control kary ng jubeat ripples
GyaShan Lollipop jubeat ripples
My SunShine (ROCK'A'TRENCH) jubeat ripples
PROMiSE (MiChi) jubeat ripples
明日ハレルヤ! 岡本真夜×大橋卓弥(fromスキマスイッチ) jubeat ripples
友達に贈る歌 Sonar Pocket jubeat ripples
バカサバイバー ウルフルズ jubeat ripples
フルカラープログラム UNISON SQUARE GARDEN jubeat ripples
キミ、メグル、ボク (秦 基博) jubeat ripples
パンキッシュ☆ mihimaru GT jubeat ripples
ワープ lego big morl jubeat ripples
A Dance & A Beer REDEMPTION 97 jubeat ripples APPEND
Love You Q;indivi jubeat ripples APPEND
Secret Word GOLLBETTY jubeat ripples APPEND
理由なき反抗 おとぎ話 jubeat ripples APPEND
An imitation's superstar VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE jubeat knit
B・M・W SNAIL RAMP jubeat knit
BRANDNEW DAYS Purple Days jubeat knit
Kick It Out ブンブンサテライツ jubeat knit
Lost Boy SEAMO jubeat knit
Love Space Ship SHANADOO jubeat knit
Promise NEW STRIKE ZIPPER jubeat knit
Runner 爆風スランプ jubeat knit
Whatever SOULHEAD jubeat knit
スマイル一番イイ♀ アンティック-珈琲店- jubeat knit
大迷惑 UNICORN jubeat knit
日進月歩 Jeepta jubeat knit

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