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Ichika no BEMANI touhyou senbatsusen 2019 (いちかのBEMANI投票選抜戦2019) was an event held between all eight active BEMANI games, involving the newly created mascot of Konami Amusement, Ichika (いちか). The nine titles involved were beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage, DanceDanceRevolution A20, DANCERUSH STARDOM, GITADORA EXCHAIN / NEX+AGE, jubeat festo, pop'n music peace, SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE, and ノスタルジア Op.2.

Ichika no BEMANI touhyou senbatsusen 2019 ran from September 12th, 2019 through October 15th, 2019. Since then, all event songs are instantly unlocked for everyone in all active BEMANI games on June 25th, 2020.


In addition to the above mentioned eight BEMANI titles, the non-BEMANI series 麻雀格闘倶楽部 GRAND MASTER and BASEBALL COLLECTION SEASON 2019 are also involved in the event, acting as "support titles".

To play the event, simply play any of the eight above BEMANI games during the time the event is active. Each playthrough of a game earns you 10+ votes depending on the play mode (see this page for details). Simply log onto the e-amusement page and vote using these tickets to unlock songs. Reaching certain vote numbers may also unlock songs, contests, and more after the event's end. Playing with PASELI adds additional votes per round, as well. In addition, there are three types of bonus that let you gain more votes from a usual play:

  • Daily play bonus: An additional 20 voting tickets will be earned from the first play of the day in any participated series.
  • First time play bonus: An additional 30 voting tickets will be earned from the first play of each participated series during the event period.
  • Double voting ticket TIME: By playing a certain model in a given period, voting tickets obtained from a usual play will be doubled! Target series for each period will be announced on event's site 90 minutes before a period.
    • For weekdays, there is only one period each day: 16:00 until 20:00 (JST).
    • For weekends and holidays, there are two periods each day: 10:00 until 14:00 & 16:00 until 20:00 (JST).
A target game for each period is listed below.
Date Target model
10:00~14:00 16:00~20:00
Sep. 26th, 2019 - DanceDanceRevolution A20
Sep. 27th, 2019 - GITADORA EXCHAIN
Sep. 28th, 2019 beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage BASEBALL COLLECTION SEASON 2019
Sep. 29th, 2019 pop'n music peace 麻雀格闘倶楽部 GRAND MASTER
Oct. 1st, 2019 - ノスタルジア Op.2

Song Unlocks

Each of the eight BEMANI titles received one original by default. The other seven can be unlocked by accumulating 100 votes and then clicking on the e-amusement page for the song you want to unlock. The eight songs and their respective appearances are:

Song Title Artist Representative BEMANI title
Trill auf G BEMANI Sound Team "dj TAKA" beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage
最小三倍完全数 DJ TECHNORCH DanceDanceRevolution A20
Six String Proof BEMANI Sound Team "Yvya × Mutsuhiko Izumi" GITADORA EXCHAIN
toy boxer BEMANI Sound Team "S-C-U & SYUNN" jubeat festo
おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん! BEMANI Sound Team "PON" feat.NU-KO pop'n music peace
Afterimage d'automne BEMANI Sound Team "猫叉劇団" ノスタルジア Op.2

In the case of DANCERUSH STARDOM, most of its songs got rearranged for the game.

Song Title Artist
Six String Proof (DANCERUSH Style) BEMANI Sound Team "Yvya × Mutsuhiko Izumi"
toy boxer (DANCERUSH Style) BEMANI Sound Team "S-C-U & SYUNN"
Trill auf G (DANCERUSH Style) BEMANI Sound Team "dj TAKA"
voltississimo (DANCERUSH Style) BEMANI Sound Team "PHQUASE"
おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん! (DANCERUSH Style) BEMANI Sound Team "PON" feat.NU-KO
最小三倍完全数 (DANCERUSH Style) DJ TECHNORCH with BEMANI Sound Team

Also in the case of GITADORA, several of the songs were also rearranged for the game.

Song Title Artist
BLACK JACKAL (GITADORA Style) Akira Complex with BEMANI Sound Team
toy boxer (GITADORA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "S-C-U & SYUNN × Yvya"
voltississimo (GITADORA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "PHQUASE × Yvya"
最小三倍完全数 (GITADORA Style) DJ TECHNORCH with BEMANI Sound Team

And also in the case of ノスタルジア, most of the songs were arranged as well:

Song Title Artist
BLACK JACKAL(NOSTALGIA Style) Akira Complex with BEMANI Sound Team
Six String Proof(NOSTALGIA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "Yvya × Akhuta"
toy boxer(NOSTALGIA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "S-C-U & SYUNN"
Trill auf G(NOSTALGIA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "dj TAKA"
voltississimo(NOSTALGIA Style) BEMANI Sound Team "PHQUASE"
最小三倍完全数(NOSTALGIA Style) DJ TECHNORCH with BEMANI Sound Team

Once you unlock all eight songs and reach Supporter Rank S (400 votes) for a specific game, the following song will be unlocked for that game only:

Song Title Artist
ミッドナイト☆WAR いちか
ミッドナイト☆WAR(NOSTALGIA Style) いちか


The MANIFEST aspect of the event focuses on the total amount of votes submitted by BEMANI players. Depending on the amount of votes for a specific BEMANI game, certain bonuses will be acted upon in the future.

Goal Amount Bonuses Status Available from
beatmania IIDX
Total votes: 9,052,916
100,000 "Five Okaken Tickets will be distributed!" October 2nd, 2019
250,000 "A newly-created Qpro set will be added!" Launch date in HEROIC VERSE
500,000 "All players will receive 200 V-Discs!" October 2nd, 2019
1,000,000 "We'll add new customization features!" March 4th, 2021 in BISTROVER's BISTRO LANDING Location 3 update.
Total votes: 6,542,168
100,000 "Halloween-themed songs from other BEMANI titles will be added!" October 10th, 2019
250,000 "CHALLENGE charts will be added for the event songs!" December 19th, 2019 to March 29th, 2020
500,000 "For the first time, DDR will participate in POLICY BREAK!" February 27th, 2020
1,000,000 "We'll try our best to bring back EDIT MODE!" TBA
Total votes: 5,132,080
100,000 "We'll announce the name of that white rabbit!" Announced on December 1st, 2019
250,000 "We'll write a theme song for that white rabbit!" December 11th, 2019
500,000 "A music video for that white rabbit's theme song will be added as well!" December 11th, 2019
1,000,000 "Ichika will appear as a dance guide!" February 3rd, 2020
Total votes: 6,829,303
100,000 "We'll release Gen's most prized photos to the public!" November 15th, 2019 in NEX+AGE
250,000 "We'll release stickers of the three siblings drawn by Rio!" November 15th, 2019 in NEX+AGE
500,000 "We'll add a custom design based on fan favorite Nyaguwa!" November 15th, 2019 in NEX+AGE
1,000,000 "A theme song for OTOBEAR will be written!" November 15th, 2019 in NEX+AGE
Total votes: 5,610,639
100,000 "100 T-emo will be rewarded to all users!" October 15th, 2019
250,000 "A brochure for festo island will be made available!" October 21st, 2019
500,000 "We'll create an Ichika-themed EMBLEM!" December 19th, 2019
1,000,000 "We'll write a theme song for Smith!" November 28th, 2019
pop'n music
Total votes: 6,602,058
100,000 "The number of celebration-themed deco parts will increase!" Not released
250,000 "A new color for Nyami will be added!" October 3rd, 2019
500,000 "A new color for Mimi will be added!" October 3rd, 2019
1,000,000 "おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん! (DANCERUSH Style) will be added!" February 6th, 2020
Total votes: 9,029,276
100,000 "All users will receive 5555 PCB!" November 14th, 2019
250,000 "All users will receive new special appeal cards!" December 19th, 2019
500,000 "We'll begin development on a new NEMSYS CREW member, TSUMABUKI!" July 1st, 2021 in EXCEED GEAR
1,000,000 "AUTOMATION PARADISE will be equipped with a shocking new feature!?" EXCEED GEAR location test
Total votes: 6,047,860
100,000 "We'll add a paw print effect when touching the screen!" April 1st to 3rd, 2022 in ノスタルジア Op.3
250,000 "A limited-time campaign to enjoy Real charts without nos will be held!" October 17th, 2019
500,000 "A limited-time campaign for stardust to help with island completion will be held!" October 31st, 2019
1,000,000 "We'll write a song with the theme of "Piano Calisthenics No.1"!" Unveiled on February 2nd, 2020, unlockable from February 20th, 2020

At the end of the event, the game with the highest number of votes would have a long version of its representative song released through the music player app included in beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE. The winner was Trill auf G, which became playable by default on all other games on November 27th, 2019.


  • Similar to the BEMANI SUMMER GREETINGS event, none of the artists are credited on the various song jackets.
    • This even applies to the commissioned artists (最小三倍完全数 features DJ TECHNORCH's official logo, but not his artist name).
  • いちかのBEMANI投票選抜戦2019 is the first BEMANI event since 2014's 発見!よみがえったBEMANI遺跡 where every currently updated BEMANI franchise is part of the event.
    • It also marks the first BEMANI-wide event to involve DANCERUSH STARDOM.
  • Afterimage d'automne is the only song in the event that wasn't rearranged/remixed for another BEMANI title.
  • When the Monthly Ranking for BEMANI Fan Site's CHECK! SONGS for September 2019 was uploaded on November 10th, 2019, Afterimage d'automne, おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん!, and ミッドナイト☆WAR were removed from the page for unknown reasons.
    • Incidentally, the video is unlisted on KONAMI's YouTube channel.
  • The 100,000 pop'n music MANIFEST was never implemented, as deco parts were removed in pop'n music UniLab.

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Entry Songs
beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage Trill auf G (DANCERUSH Style / NOSTALGIA Style)
jubeat festo toy boxer (DANCERUSH Style / GITADORA Style / NOSTALGIA Style)
DanceDanceRevolution A20 最小三倍完全数 (DANCERUSH Style / GITADORA Style / NOSTALGIA Style)
pop'n music peace おーまい!らぶりー!すうぃーてぃ!だーりん! (DANCERUSH Style)
ノスタルジア Op.2 Afterimage d'automne
Theme Song ミッドナイト☆WAR (NOSTALGIA Style)