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Yoshimi Kudo

Yoshimi Kudo

Artist Information


Yoshimi Kudo is a commissioned artist affiliated to Basiscape Co. Ltd (ベイシスケイプ), with tenures on Nippon Ichi Software, NAMCO and CAVE. He has worked in games such as Valkyria Chronicles II, DO-DON-PACHI and Tekken 6 among many others. His first compositions for KONAMI were for Busou Shinki BATTLE MASTERS and the OTOMEDIUS series.


  • All of Yoshimi Kudo songs in BEMANI have received long versions on their respective game soundtracks.


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
クリムゾンゲイト 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA -
戦場のタクトシュトック 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA -
ジュピターガンズノベル 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA OverDrive -
ジャガー人間の受難 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA Tri-Boost -
葬送のエウロパ 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA Tri-Boost -
主亡き機械人形のまなざし 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE -
ヤオヨロズランズ 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA Matixx -
キヤロラ衛星の軌跡 工藤吉三(ベイシスケイプ) GITADORA EXCHAIN -
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