Brain Power

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This song also appears in SEGA's rhythm games. For information on this, see the SilentBlue page on this song.

Brain Power

Song Information

Brain Power's jacket.

Artist: ノマ
Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: NOMA
BPM: 170-173
Length: 1:52
First Music Game Appearance: SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
Other Music Game Appearances:


Are you ready.

Adrenaline is pumping,
Adrenaline is pumping,
Generator. Automatic Lover,

Atomic, Atomic, Overdrive,

Blockbuster, Brainpower,

Call me a leader. Cocaine,
Don't you try it, Don't you try it

Innovator, Kill machine,

There's no fate. Take control.

Brainpower,  Let the bass kick,

O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-
JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-
E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-
JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA

O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-
JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-
E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-
JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA

O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-
JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-
E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-
JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA-


Song Connections / Remixes

  • Brain Power appears on NOMA's 1st Single.
  • A long version of Brain Power appears on NOMA's 1st Album.
  • The entirety of Brain Power's sound samples, including the base track, kicks, voices and other sounds, are available on NOMA's Stems of Brain Power CD.
  • A different, remastered version of Brain Power is used in Unit-e's music game Neon FM, added after the removal of Brain Power from BEMANI games.
  • A remix of Brain Power by Cranky, called Brain Power (Cranky Remix), appears in NOMA's second album Nominalism.
  • A remixed cover of Brain Power by 二年生チーム(イロドリミドリ), titled ゼロから始めるブレインパワー, appears on イロドリミドリ's album 回レ!GO!GO!チュウニズム♥.


This song has different backgrounds, banners, jackets, or other related images. For more information, please see this page.
  • Brain Power is a song part of the SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- Production Confirmation Commemorative Original Song Contest (SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- 制作決定記念 オリジナル楽曲コンテスト). It was added to SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- at release date.
  • Brain Power's artist name is romanized on its jackets.
  • The vocals of Brain Power consist of only soundbites. All of them are taken from Fab Acapella samples in Techno Trance Essentials.
    • Despite that the vocals for Brain Power are vocal samples, they are written in the booklet of the SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -FLOOR ANTHEM- EP.01 album.
    • In GROOVE COASTER WAI WAI PARTY!!!! for Nintendo Switch, the "call me leader, cocaine" soundbite is censored with a loud beep.
  • Brain Power gained massive popularity from Internet users in early 2016, resulting in its long version becoming the most viewed BEMANI song on YouTube.
  • Brain Power could be unlocked in MÚSECA 1+1/2 from July 28th, 2016 to March 28th, 2017 as part of the Agetta moratta (アゲッタモラッタ) event.
    • It received a slightly different jacket, although it was changed to its SOUND VOLTEX jacket on October 5th, 2016.
  • Brain Power was removed from SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN and MÚSECA 1+1/2 on March 28th, 2017.
  • Brain Power also appears in the music games: CHRONO CIRCLE, CHUNITHM AMAZON, Cytus II, EZ2ON REBOOT:R, GROOVE COASTER 4EX INFINITY HIGHWAY, Lanota, maimai MiLK PLUS, Muse Dash, MUSYNX, PUMP IT UP XX, SEVEN's CODE, Starri, TAPSONIC TOP, WACCA, オンゲキ, and 太鼓の達人.
    • Brain Power's appearance in maimai contains several allusions to KONAMI and the SOUND VOLTEX series:
      • The maximum theoretical score of its MASTER difficulty is 573000.
      • Obtaining a FULL COMBO on its EXPERT difficulty unlocks a title, "mai騎士". This is a play on "魔騎士" (maxi), the title/rank earned by clearing SKILL ANALYZER Level.09 courses in SOUND VOLTEX.
      • Obtaining a FULL COMBO or ALL PERFECT on its MASTER difficulty unlocks one of two titles, "ULTImai CHAIN" or "PERFECT ULTImai CHAIN", respectively.

Song Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

MÚSECA difficulty rated from 1 to 15.
SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH to III GRAVITY WARS difficulty rated from 1 to 16, and 1 to 20 from IV HEAVENLY HAVEN onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd and SOUND VOLTEX @ wiki.)


Game Level
Green Orange Red
Notecounts 144 464 755
MÚSECA 1+1/2 3 8 14


Game Level
Max Chain 486 905 1597 - -
Effected By Megacycle Megacycle Megacycle - -
Jacket Artists square_head square_head square_head - -
SOUND VOLTEX IV 4 10 ↑16 - -
MÚSECA Unlocks Brain Power - Quietus Ray - U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?(TO-HOlic mix) - 雪女
Din Don Dan (Fusion Remix) - Invitation from Mr.C
Blacksphere - Onigo
SOUND VOLTEX Unlocks Laughin' Muffin - Lo-Fi-M - MERRiESTxHOLiC - Paradission
ネコクマウササー - 絶対零度
{albus} - Metamorphobia