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Song Information

Artist: SLAKE
Composition/Arrangement: SLAKE
BPM: 190
Length: 1:46
Movie: MORO (beatmania), VJ GYO (overlays by GOLI) (beatmania IIDX)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 7th style
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes

  • Some of the vocal samples in CLOUDY MUSIC are sampled from a song by A Tribe Called Quest.


  • CLOUDY MUSIC marks SLAKE's first appearance in beatmania IIDX since I'M FOR REAL in beatmania IIDX 4th style.
  • CLOUDY MUSIC is the only beatmania IIDX song since beatmania IIDX 3rd style to ever appear in beatmania/beatmania III.
  • CLOUDY MUSIC received overlays in beatmania IIDX 7th style CS. These overlays never appeared in an arcade beatmania IIDX game.
  • CLOUDY MUSIC is a hidden revival in beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS. It can be unlocked by playing 70 rounds.
    • As of January 7th, 2009, it is available by default.
  • According to Takehiko Fujii himself, he did not know exactly what the vocals in CLOUDY MUSIC were saying until they were translated for him many years later.
  • CLOUDY MUSIC is unlockable in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS from May 6th, 2020, after purchasing its charts with BITs.

Song Production Information

beatmania IIDX


Taking a handsome man's drum'n bass and pouring on the old man's broth full force, with a bit too fast of a BPM makes it exactly right. The entanglement of a moog-like synthesizer sound with a jazzy rhode's riff makes it feel nice. The secret is the sexy voice that is an old man reasoning.



CLOUDY MUSIC from IIDX makes its way over to THE FINAL.
It's a musical drum'n bass track where a moog-esque synthesizer ties together with rushing breakbeats and a jazz-flavored electric piano.

Video Production Information


An old apartment with stairs installed on the outer wall line up along downtown... a never ending shadow hidden underneath a narrow alleyway... suddenly a black cat passes through there... So is the life of the inner city that seems to always intercept the light.

In such a street, everybody that's living are active and cool, by the way thrilling and speedy. Then, I help convey with raw pressing that cultivated habitat's groove!!

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania difficulty rated from 1 to 9.
beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 7 from 7th through 9th style, and 1 to 12 from 12 HAPPY SKY to present. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB and BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 422 532 - 422 620 -
beatmania THE FINAL 5 6 - 5 7 -
beatmania III THE FINAL 5 6 - 5 6 -

beatmania IIDX

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 229 422 620 - - 422 619 - -
beatmania IIDX 7th style→10th style - 4 6 - - 5 7 - -
beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS - ↑5 ↑7 - - 5 7 - -
beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS→20 tricoro - 5 7 - - 5 ↑8 - -
beatmania IIDX 7th style CS 2 4 6 - - 5 7 - -
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 5 7 - - 5 8 - -