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  • Requesting an artist/staff page for SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-. I realize there's alot of rumor and speculation surrounding his identity/credentials, but I'd like to start compiling the known information; such as a picture, songs credited, trivia, etc. -RislimYOSHIDA 0:56, 23 Dec. 2009 (PST)
  • Requesting a link for DJ TROOPERS to be added to index.
  • Requesting for GOLD to be added to the index. --Sakurina 15:04, 30 Aug 2006 (EDT)
    • Seconding this request, the page is still protected, so we can't add it ourselves. --TeamRagnarok 15:51, 11 Jan 2007 (EST)
  • Hey so uh...I haven't seen ANYTHING about Absolute's new another pop up on the web. Did it actually happen? --MazriM TaiM 15:04, 2 Mar 2007 (MST)

IIDX notecharts sites

  • So is there a IIDX website that shows a list of difficulty changes for the early games? BEMANIWiki only goes back to IIDX RED. I want to update the IIDX pages eventually like the pop'n music series soon, and have been slowly over the past couple of weeks adding info to some of the pages that haven't been updated in literally years. --M.B. (talk) 03:51, 14 May 2014 (UTC)
  • I use IIDX Smart Data, but some pages are bugged (e.g. it shows that some songs were re-rated twice or thrice on the same style). It also doesn't show BEGINNER charts... but that page should help for anything else. --FinalOffset (talk) 04:07, 14 May 2014 (UTC)