Ryo Matsui

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Ryo Matsui

Artist Information

  • Name: Ryo Matsui (松井 亮)
  • Birthday: February 11th, 1972


Ryo Matsui served as the guitarist and a songwriter for the group the brilliant green from 1997-2002, and from 2007 until May 2010, when he left the group for undisclosed reasons. He also formed a solo project, Meister, during the brilliant green's hiatus from 2002-2007.

Ryo Matsui made his first BEMANI appearance in GuitarFreaks V5 & DrumMania V5 Rock to Infinity with in control, and has often contributed to the series since.


  • Ryo Matsui composed a track for the Konami PSP game Ookami Kakushi. The game's soundtrack was primarily composed by Kenji Ito, another artist who has contributed to the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series.
  • All of Ryo Matsui's BEMANI songs received long versions on their respective game original soundtracks until グッバイジョニーA in GITADORA Tri-Boost.
  • None of Ryo Matsui's BEMANI songs appear on the ULTIMATE MOBILE games' MUSIC PLAYERs.


  • RYDER (with Tim Jensen)
  • millll (with Asaki)
  • sugarless sugar (member of)


Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
in control RYDER GuitarFreaks V5 & DrumMania V5 Rock to Infinity - -
Water frame Hemi-you GuitarFreaks V6 & DrumMania V6 BLAZING!!!! - -
IMI RYDER GuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG - -
Drop RYDER GuitarFreaksXG2 & DrumManiaXG2 Groove to Live - -
アーリマン millll GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 -
Give Us Kiss! sugarless sugar GITADORA - -
俺と愛とロック millll GITADORA -
グッバイジョニーA millll GITADORA Tri-Boost -
つまり・・・Gブルース! millll GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE


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