Sakuretsu! Jaeger denkou chop!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK)

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炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK)

Song Information

Artist: L.E.D.
Composition/Arrangement: L.E.D.
BPM: 159
Length: 1:59
Movie: Yasi
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 9th style CS
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes

  • 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) is the third song in L.E.D.'s Denjin Jaeger song series.
  • An extended version of 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK), titled 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!! ~EXTEND MIX~, appears on the beatmania IIDX 9th style SOUND TRACKS CD.


  • 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK)'s title is translated to "Explosion! Jaeger Lightning Chop!!"
  • 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK)'s video is the first in the Denjin Jaeger series to feature 3D imagery (as opposed to 2D cartoon-ish scenes of the previous two).
  • The Denjin train in 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK)'s video appears to be a spinoff of the SOMETHING WONDERFUL video, also done by Yasi.
  • In beatmania IIDX 9th style CS, on its title card, and on the beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK album, 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) is simply known as 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!.
  • 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) is one of the Phase 1 unlockable songs of the Kaitsuu! Tokotoko line (開通!とことこライン) event of beatmania IIDX 23 copula. It could be unlocked from November 26th, 2015.
  • When 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) is played on beatmania IIDX, the arcade LED ticker simply displays "JAEGER FINAL ATTACK".
  • 炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) is available in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS as part of beatmania IIDX INFINITAS Music Pack vol.11 (beatmania IIDX INFINITAS 楽曲パック vol.11).

Song Production Information


When I started making this track, it was already subtle, but I hadn't really heard much about this "HARDSTYLE" genre around here lately....
By the way, this time, there are slightly more syllables than the previous two songs, and I emphasized on creating this groovy track, but the robot also in the movie has nothing to do with this track. Regarding the movie, during the start of development, we thought about creating it in-house, but since it's Jaeger after all, it's better to ask Yasi, so I also requested him to make the movie this time too. Yasi, thank you for creating this nice movie, despite always being busy!!
Well, the subtitle is JAEGER FINAL ATTACK, but whether this is my final Jaeger song depends on my mood in the future.

Video Production Information

vj Yasi

This is my third video in the reborn IIDX home versions. Thanks to all the talented staff, the series has continued to grow despite the long hiatus, in addition to the continuous increase of charming new songs, as expected!
Well, whether there's some reason why L.E.D. reached out and once again breathed life into Jaeger, which gathered dust in the warehouse, or if he simply ran out of material, anyways, what made me more curious than the song (well, the song's good, but...) was the attached English title "FINAL ATTACK". I thought (oh, is this the end?), but actually, I still haven't heard the truth, so I eventually created this movie.
Being able to finish Jaeger, which I'm strongly attached to among the many movies I've made, felt a bit sentimental, as if my role in the IIDX series is really ending....
If it's like that, perhaps this is the end of the Jaeger series, and it has somewhat been a while since L.E.D.'s new songs seem to naturally give you strength, but this song felt more relaxed(?) compared to his previous songs in the series, so I steadily finished it without going too far.
I worked on it until the very end.
The ending is abrupt, but... "Jaeger is Forever!!"

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 7+ in 9th style, and 1 to 12 from 12 HAPPY SKY onward.

Old Charts

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 702 1077 1312 - 950 1411 1621 -
beatmania IIDX 9th style CS - 5 7+ 7+ - 7 7+ 7+ -

New Charts

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 702 1077 1312 - 774 1216 1701 -
beatmania IIDX 23 copula→27 HEROIC VERSE - ↑6 9 11 - 7 10 12 -
beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE - 6 9 11 - - - - -
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 6 9 11 - 7 10 12 -
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