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Not to be confused with Arcanos.


Song Information

Artist: Maozon
Composition/Arrangement: Maozon
BPM: 143
Length: 1:54
Movie: MatsuTK (overlays by NAGI)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 23 copula
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • An extended version of Arcana appears in the beatmania IIDX 23 copula ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 album.


This song has different backgrounds, banners, jackets, or other related images. For more information, please see this page.
  • Arcana is one of the Phase 2 unlockable songs of the Kaitsuu! Tokotoko line (開通!とことこライン) event of beatmania IIDX 23 copula. It could be unlocked from December 22nd, 2015.
  • Arcana was added to beatmania IIDX INFINITAS (2020) on March 3rd, 2021 as part of the March 2021 Basic Subscription Monthly Songs.
    • From March 2nd, 2022, it can be purchased with BITs.
    • As of March 13th, 2024, it is playable by default.

Song Production Information


Hello! My name is Maozon.
I cannot believe this is already my second song in the series, thank you so much.

Unlike my other song, Damage Per Second, this is a straight Uplifting Trance song.

I've always liked doing trance songs, but I have not had the opportunity to make them recently.
Making this song was very fun, remembering the old days!

This genre not so well known these days, but I think that there's a lot people who like it~

Please try it!

Video Production Information


Arcana... a secret... a mystery....
It's a beautiful song with a fascinating title....
I decided to make an animation with the same image as the title.
I made a live-action layered animation.
For the photos, I asked a girl with a beautiful and delicate silhouette... hehe... it was fun!
I want you to say, "that's a secret forever"!

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd and TexTage.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts / Hell Charge Notes - 613 / 0 893 / 0 1150 / 15 - 605 / 0 913 / 0 1172 / 15 -
beatmania IIDX 23 copula→Present - 6 8 10 - 6 8 10 -
beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE - 6 8 10 - - - - -
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS (2020) - 6 8 10 - 6 8 10 -
Phase 1 Blue Spring Express - Central Station - GOBBLE - Rock It - Violet Rose - 量子の海のリントヴルム
炸裂!イェーガー電光チョップ!!(JAEGER FINAL ATTACK) - 夕焼け ~Fading Day~
Phase 2 Arcana - Battle Train -IIDX Edition- - chaos eater -IIDX edition- - Konzert V - On the FM - SWEETEST SAVAGE
Welcome - 真 地獄超特急 -HELL or HELL-