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Hello, welcome to my page. I'll mainly deal with ensuring DDR and pop'n information is correct.

Here, have a pic of Kaorin the Plushie.

// he/him
// Discord: Strobe🔥Grill#5537 (yes, I'm on the RemyWiki Discord)

"Why do they keep making arrangements of Stalker Girl the song?" --Morning Blue, 2020


Pop'n music AC General Info


  • Toho arrange → TOUHOU arrange: When did genre name change happen? First noticed it on 2018-07-11

GOLDEN LEAGUE PLUS songs not playable on non-20th Anniversary Model versions of DDR A20 PLUS after end of GOLDEN LEAGUE A3 periods:
Pending edits to song trivia on these until either 1) Upgrades for US white cabs (MDX:U) to A3 happen, or 2) Online support officially ends for A20 PLUS