All the love

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Not to be confused with All My Love or My Love.

All the love

Song Information

Artist: Lala Moore
Composition/Arrangement: Yoichi Iwata
Lyrics/Vocals: Lala Moore
BPM: 106
Length: 1:35
Genre: R&B
Movie: shige, YUZ
First Music Game Appearance: KEYBOARDMANIA
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


Time after time  the story has been told the part
each and every day  the riddle's been growing on

How can I touch your heart
when you shut your world from all of the love
let me show you what's been waiting for you

all the love I can hold
will go into your path to make you alive again
trust my words cause it's sent from above
throwing the fear that makes you all alone

all the love I can give
will go into your heart to make you warm again
take my hand then you'll know oh so right
here in my arms is where you ought to be

all the love I can give

Song Connections / Remixes




Song Production Information


KEYBOARDMANIA is interesting, but it's quite difficult to get used to. This is a song that was created after the thought that we needed a song that even first-timers could easily play. While incorporating the essence of R&B, it was arranged so that one does not move their fingers too much. The tempo is also slow, and maybe it's the easiest of all the songs. But, maybe its rhythm is a little difficult?

Video Production Information


This was the first movie I worked on, and it was very impressive. I was moved when I saw my sketch character dancing in 3D. I think an orange feeling matches the song very well.


This is one of the works that determined the direction of KEYBOARDMANIA's movies. By the way, it's a shame that I can't show Shige's terrific "sketch character" to everyone. (The first body of USAO-kun was a dolphin... Why!?)

Difficulty & Notecounts

KEYBOARDMANIA difficulty rated from 1 to 6. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KEYBOARDMANIA Wiki.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Light Light+ Real Light+ Real
Notecounts / Hold Notes - / - 135 / 0 164 / 0 200 / 0 251 / 0