Michael Babbitt

Michael Babbitt

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Michael Babbitt, better known by DJ name Midihead, is an American commissioned artist. He was signed to record label A Different Drum prior to its closing in 2014.

Babbitt made his BEMANI debut in 2004 with In My Eyes (Midihead Remix), released in DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2.


  • Midihead
  • Monolithic


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
In My Eyes (Midihead Remix) AKIRA YAMAOKA DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2 - -
Colors Midihead's Sapphire Mix dj TAKA DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX3 - -
Jelly Kiss Midihead's SMAK mix Togo Project feat.Sana DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX3 HARD HOUSE -
Raise Your Hands Midihead DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX3 -
Arms Alpha Omega Mix Monolithic DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 -
The Drain Monolithic DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 -
Power 5 On the Floor Mix Midihead DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE -
Wraith Monolithic DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE -