Break Stasis (EP)

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This page is for the Hommarju & Akira Complex EP titled Break Stasis. For the song the EP is named after, please see Break Stasis.

Break Stasis

Break Stasis is the second split EP between Hommarju and Akira Complex. Named after their BEMANI song of the same title, it starts off with an extended version of said song and follows it up with two new songs from each artist.

Album Information

Break Stasis
Artist Hommarju & Akira Complex Break Stasis (EP).png
Release Date 12/30/2018
Catalog Number NO1Z-0007
Published by Hommarju
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Break Stasis (Extended) Hommarju & Akira Complex beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS
02. REBOOT Hommarju NEW
03. Mantis Akira Complex NEW
04. I Need Sleep More Hommarju NEW
05. Dying Scarlet Akira Complex NEW

Produce: Hommarju
Compose: Hommarju, Akira Complex
Total Design: Reku
Engineer: Hedonist
Web: Rooq



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