Club Foot

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Club Foot

Song Information

Artist: Kasabian
Composition/Lyrics: Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Karloff
Vocals: Sergio Pizzorno
Mixing Engineer: Jim Abbiss, Barny
Album: Club Foot (2004)
Length: 1:32
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n rhythm
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


One, take control of me?
You're messing with the enemy
Said it's two, it's another trick
Messin' with my mind, I wake up
Chase down an empty street
Blindly snap the broken beats
Said it's gone with the dirty trick
It's taken all these days to find ya

I'll tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you

Friends, take control of me
Stalking 'cross the gallery
All these pills got to operate
The color quits and all invade us
There it goes again
Take me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasin' down all walls to save ya

I'll tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
The blood ain't on my face
Just wanted you near me

Song Connections / Remixes




Difficulty & Notecounts

No difficulty ratings are shown for ポップンミュージック and its American/European counterparts.

Game Game Type
1 Player 2 Player
Standard Challenge 1P 2P
Notecounts 104 ? 122 122
pop'n rhythm N/A N/A N/A
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